Real life Roblox camping - Is it scarier than the game? -

Real life Roblox camping – Is it scarier than the game?

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Real Roblox monster – Is it scarier than the game?

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Last week we played the roblox camping challenge. This week we’re following a camping tradition and telling ghost stories around a camp fire.

If you like roblox and like watching roblox videos like denis and denis daily then you might like our short film based on the camping roblox games.

This is a little scary so if you don’t like horror films then it might be best to not watch this as it has a few scary bits and a monster.

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  1. If scarier meaning being stalked by a creepy killer then yes

  2. The monster of a son of the family of 5

  3. Me: this isn’t scary
    (10 seconds later)
    Me: MOMMY!!

  4. In my mind:not scary
    2 second later
    Me: omg my heart

  5. Bruh, 3 children?! I mean, they could not listen, but, IN THE GAME IT LITERALLY SAYS THAT THEY ARE 7-14 AGED CHILDREN!!

  6. This is really scary but not the same concept. The monster in camping is really a good guy and the real murderer is called Zach Nolan
    . This was a great video!

  7. 4.99 Dollar Chicken Strip Basket Meal says:

    I wanna be a behind the scenes of these

  8. Terrifying I’m scared😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. But a year ago toy story 4 wasn’t a thing… lol

  10. emiliano gamer2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ says:

    Es falso😠 no es real

  11. The monster is creepier than in the roblox game

  12. This is the worst video ever >:( I can't believe I spent my time watching this cringe video! This is CRAP (DON'T WATCH IT)

  13. That monster is an scp its called scp 87-B

  14. This is as fake story The monster in camping doesn't kill people When it does it's trying to find the Killer

  15. Hey, I’ve been waiting over a year now, are y’all gonna do camping 2?

  16. Me at the beginning: I am a horror artist
    Me at the end: don’t look out the window don’t look out the window

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