Recreating the sounds of Roblox games compilation -

Recreating the sounds of Roblox games compilation

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  1. I want you make sound like blast off simulator in roblox

  2. Where are you from your accent makes m wonder

  3. Джеральд не такой как те says:

    Can you recreate Rooms& Doors sounds?? It’s from roblox and thumbnail is the battery

  4. How many likes can this video get to get part 2

  5. Are you french my guy Just wanna know.🙂

  6. Mano o lugar aonde o seek aparece e difícil

  7. did you play doors David LSPLASH make doors sooncan you pls make a new song a BALLER ARENA


  9. when I first played doors rush scared the crap out of me

  10. Why is that so funny when you laugh at the clown

  11. Spray paint: amonggus⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️📛📛📛📛📛

  12. pls cn u make sounds of game blox fruits (roblox) btw i subed

  13. I hate bedwars now because Yuri unfriended me☹

  14. What Game Am I In 1: Brookhaven
    What Game Am I In 2: Squid Game
    Fun Fact: The Recording Of The Jumping Is From Tag Yep Its The 2nd Game You Play After Red Light Green Light Damn You Can Kill The Frontman And The Guards In That Game If Your Good A Tag -–- Oh Frontman And The Guards? Yep You Can Be Them By Free/1% Of Being Frontman And 10% Of Being A Guards And Also Robux -–-

  15. Can you pls make sounds of choo cho charles

  16. Please make nicos nextbots sounds. I will give you 10 subs

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