RELL SEAS Is The FIRST Roblox One Piece Game To Do This... -

RELL SEAS Is The FIRST Roblox One Piece Game To Do This…

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RELL SEAS Is The FIRST Roblox One Piece Game To Do This…

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  1. Hey xeno love your vids
    I was wondering what screen rec do u use bc I’m a small YouTuber and my vids are laggy and have water marks but I’m to broke to pay lol

  2. 1 great work rell games you gonna be famous in the roblox plat form

  3. My dream is to get the skip spin my user is 1T928 btw keep it up xeno🫡🫡

  4. buncha 1st graders trynna get first lol good vid tho

  5. “This is one of the first one piece games that I’ve played that hasn’t had a level system.” AOPG has left the chat…

  6. Ey wait, The first roblox one piece game to do this is actually Fruit battlegrounds

  7. EARLY TO THE VID BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS Love the vids btw keep up the good work!

  8. Good video. Wanna be tester in rell seas as a mobile tester. Also can't wait for sniper grind 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Hopefully a new grinding method doesent mean auto cliker

  10. Man This will be fire i do hope its more stuff to do then blox fruits hitting npcs 24/7

  11. 1. Fighting styles should affect devil fruits m1 and some abilities for different fruits for example:
    Fishman Karate + ope ope no mi
    Rokushiki fighting style + leopard

    2. Add sulong (mink full moon mode)

    3. A devil fruits ability changes depending on the haki control( advances armament and conquerors haki etc.)

  12. did people forget that blox fruits also has guns or sum?

  13. I hope it doesn’t end up like aopg

  14. Some kids still crying about how fruit battleground is "not" a bandit beater
    Yeah its true
    Fruit battleground is even worse than a bandit beater one piece game 💀

  15. I think they might make it like AOPH or Fruit warriors, where there are stats not levels like Blox fruits

  16. Rellgames selling by not having levels it about to be another aopg unless their “new grinding method” is good

  17. I bet you didn't see the transponder snail in the inventory

  18. XenoTy you are one of the best roblox ytbers on the platform keep it up and you may beat Mr beast lol😆

  19. I’m in 7th grade and I feel like I would enjoy this

  20. Please bro can we grind together please user name Ninetailbeast123456

  21. Fruit warriors proud that they have made a yeti😂

    Rellseas got lot of Super sick clean zoan model😮😮😮

  22. How does having levels make it a bandit beater in my opinion a level system is usually needed to be used in a one piece game but what would be a bandit beater is if they gave the game sub par melee weapon or not giving ice fruit enough aoe range or not making ice on par with magma and light in base form or making guns too weak or not having a decent but not extremely hard to get regular fist fighting style that isn't element oriented

  23. WRKNG every heard of aopg (a one piece game) no levels kinda theres somewhat levels as in mastery of the certain thing like melee fruit defense stamina so on there are stat levels but no actual levels

  24. me seeing rainbow freinds in anime games moment 💀💀 nice vid btw

  25. this is gonna compete against blox fruits on every level it seems

  26. i bet the grinding system is going to be based on how much you used an item and the more you use and practice the more stronger your stats get

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