Roblox bedwars handcam! 😱 -

Roblox bedwars handcam! 😱

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  1. For the people that are wondering its an iPad with a cash my little brother has one

  2. average 8yr old sweat on his ipad:

  3. bro dont play bedwars in roblox play bedwars in minecraft

  4. "cooler axe" should be called diamond battle axe and actually i think it needs to be in the game, it'll deal damage and able to mine, im saying like maybe 40 damage no armor so here's the stats

    40 damage – no armor
    35 damage – leather armor
    30 damage – iron armor
    25 damage – diamond armor
    23 damage – void armor
    20 damage – emerald armor

    it gives slowness for 0.5 second and a cooldown of 1 second to hit again, it does a double the normal knockback and it cost 1 emerald or 2 emerald.

    needs to buy diamond axe first and slightly slower to mine stuff with it

  5. The fact that when u play on computer,u better dont hold the button too hard or ur cpmputer is cooked

  6. It's fake the number of blocks is not ending 😡

  7. Mobile players:clown pc players: sigma

  8. Normal person : you are so good !
    Me : what’s the keyboard ?

  9. Now try Minecraft bedwars
    I dare you

  10. I can see you messing up there eh couldn’t be me

  11. Это проста видео
    Он зашел на галерею поставил там видео
    Он это не играет

  12. what bedwar player does mean on roblox ?!

  13. Play real bedwars what's going with you play Minecraft

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