Roblox Brookhaven REMOVED THIS in NEW UPDATE! -

Roblox Brookhaven REMOVED THIS in NEW UPDATE!

Maya Clara Gaming
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Roblox Brookhaven REMOVED THIS in NEW UPDATE! In this video, I am busting myths in Brookhaven and how to fly in Brookhaven in the new update! I am testing these crazy Brookhaven TikTok secret hacks! But I found some really scary secrets about Brookhaven new Christmas update! I caught a ghost on camera at 3am while testing new Brookhaven TikTok hacks in ROBLOX BROOKHAVEN 🏡RP!





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  1. Ik a hack first turn off all of the lights in Brookhaven now you get the yellow house plot #13 then you go to the church ring the bell once and i was told werid things will happen…

  2. I woke up now BUT

  3. Maya and Luna, YOU ALWAYS MAKE MY DAY!!!!

  4. God Bless you too Maya and Luna!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Heyy i really love your work and video you guys work so hard and you both Share on YouTube or tiktok ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎💗 happy late valentines 💝

  6. When she said “fly me to the moon” she was singing jazz

  7. anberlin griffisGsdgaggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg says:

    Can you guys make a video of a scary video?

  8. May you should try this out go to the office I mean the doctor Dan get a house

  9. OMG old brookhaven have a secret room in the vent

  10. I wish I could join you guys. I saw that you were online on Roblox😢

  11. I know how to hack let me show you but first go to YouTube and type a Esther thapa go see the yellow one they're down and you can see in my video

  12. I never tried that before I said, try it tomorrow

  13. Omg omg omg I’m the biggest fan from Maya clara gaming❤❤

  14. Sorry ,but my mom won't let me I'm so sorry she just never hears what I'm saying
    You guys will always be my favorite youtubers♥♥🥰☺

  15. I know a glitch if you do it you will glitch out of the map!

  16. I’ll tell you but I gotta go to something!

  17. And I love watching your vidoes keep up the good work!

  18. Hello everybody here loves you so much! Jesus prays about you guys you guys are amazing! I hope you have a great day besties!❤

  19. Myth get a ladder put it somewhere put a bed on it sleep on the bed and put away the ladder you will be floating

  20. Hey Maya and luna I was wondering if Maya can accept my friend request in roblox my user name is alex32190alexandra

  21. Ok it weird because how the couch floating in the sky Luna am Maya omg I was playing Roblox Brookhaven and then I I was getting ready to go to the school I’m not in the mirror I seen a clone of myself but the face was just different it was changing in my face was a stitch face but I don’t remember changing into a stitch face it was a normal face and then when I went to go type something in the chat somebody said if you’re a softy or a bacon you’re getting removed back and said never mind and then they said we’re having a meeting at the school in the English classroom and then we went to the English classroom Meagan was there and she said she’ll be taking whatever we we had that will make her happy and if we don’t give her nothing she will hack a Roblox account for bacon said just let you guys know Meagan is my cousin and then they said just to let you know we’re hacking everybody and then my best friend ever move and then I was like what the heck just happened and then it happened to me but it didn’t say restart or anything it said just leave and then I join back again and then I seen them at the school and then they said no meeting at the daycare for all the daycare people and then we would dare and then six times it was making The bacon he said that we all have to become bacon and then we all said what’s gonna happen if we don’t know they said if you’re not a bacon or slender we will be removed we cannot be softies and then I said well I guess I’ll just be a slender because I was not going to be a bacon and then he said type in the chat and said AFKBRBAFKBRB and then I said to the chat what are you doing in his face 30 second colors then he typed in the chat and said whatever we do don’t go to house 11 but I still went and when I went in there it was crazy that was killing people in Brookhaven then I said I was next and I said heat by and that’s the end so can you guys test itself if they say it’s a meeting at the school go for real

  22. hi maya and Clara i've been seeing weird things brookhaven. So went to the end of the map then i went to the abandin house then reset my aveter sorrt if i spelled enoy whorg i'm 7

  23. pls accpet my request in ur grup add em pls and accept it my user is MOM plss

  24. how do i do it i am on roblox and i joined ur group can i be in ur videos

  25. ❤❤ Hug from Our Barbosa JP Family🎉🎉

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