Roblox Brookhaven RP 🏡 | First Day Of The New School Year! -

Roblox Brookhaven RP 🏡 | First Day Of The New School Year!

The Star Squad Gaming
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Molly and Daisy have their first day back at Brookhaven high! But will Molly change her ways and stop getting detention?

Let’s play Roblox!

#MollyandDaisy #Brookhaven #Roblox

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What is roblox? Roblox is a game where people of all ages can create, interact, & game. By participating, members can earn special badges as well as robux.
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  1. I like your videos make more about adopt me with pets in my name is Diina so nice to meet you Molly and Daisy Diina

  2. Did I just found out that they sell body pillows of themselves?

  3. im so sad guys i was playing brookhaven i wanted to meet you guys in roblox so you guys could be friends but ihad to go to my grandma's that's why im so sad

  4. I just love love your videos I have been watching them since you started

  5. I wnt there to be a part 2 of this and where Molly leaves the house by not getting 25$

  6. The hottest YouTubes youtuber a molly and daisy laura and Dan keep up the good work

  7. I love you guys can you make a video that's a premier today thx!

  8. Love you guys channel so much why do you guys live

  9. I’m so glad that I found you’s again on YouTube :’D
    Ur my past favourite YouTuber ;’O

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