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got a short one for you guys today, see you in a couple days

game Is called: RIGHT to FIGHT

happy holidays!

►Code: sketch


► My Brother BANDI:


  1. can you make some more because it funny 🤣

  2. Guys what is the game name is

  3. I'm over lvl 40 in that game and it gets really hard

  4. If you want to play this game very bad then the actual game is called… (right2fight)

  5. I cant believe he fight yakuza i thino and not knowing hes so strong

  6. U should play it again it updated alot

  7. who else watched this video for intertainment?

  8. im a pro at right 2 fight I played a year ago :/

  9. the game is based off yakuza the game yakuza

  10. Who Wana to play the game name game (right 2 fight

  11. This game is more epic u can go to lvl 70 and do brute attack that are super brutal

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