Roblox donation games have gone too far... -

Roblox donation games have gone too far…

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Today I play Roblox donation games and find the worst things and the best things ya ya


  1. I love how every time he says he is broke the editor just shows his group funds

  2. When u jam animal jam jamming animal jam jammer jamming animal jam jams jamming

  3. Starving artists never gave me the robux i earned so its not that good

  4. 7:10 I love the portal radio! I’ve been watching the 10 hour version, and I’m 5 hours and 18 minutes in!

  5. 13 million in group funds is like a lot of money

  6. 5:08 I am not even gonna lie Last night I dreamed my pp was 14 cm longw 0_0

  7. Tip: check the badges section before joining a game.

  8. I saw the Thumbnail of this video and said: ''Meet the Sniper''.

  9. It’s honestly so annoying how people think that “pls donate” was the original or good first donate game? The actual first one is called “donate me!” And it was created a month and a half before. It had the booths and even more options like owning a clothes stand with mannequins or a photo gallery with picture holders! It also has rewards for how much you donate and how much you earned. I’m done watching people play the stupid rip off remake and think it’s the first/original or best one while the less popular one is so much better and was the original

  10. Flamingo can you play my game it's called Meme race by The uncalled. Ink play it please

  11. suggestion:dress up as a sponge and whoever makes fun of you get a shotgun and say MESS WITH THE SPONGE YOU GET EXPUNGED and then freeze them and shoot them.

  12. you should make red and black merch irl and in roblox

  13. I sound like your cousin I sound like you so if I was your cousin this is literally what I would be like what I would hear sound like

  14. Best part of video is 39:02
    Why would baconmancool1 do that at 43:12?!?!?
    Mrflimflam used a cool admin command at 55:28 B)
    Mrflimflams alt account got deleted at 59:54 ;(
    Baconmancool1 was defeated at 1:23:08
    The ending of the flamingo movie is at 1:26:54
    The sequel starts at 4:45:22
    Baconmancool1 was brought back to life as a robot at 4:47:48
    Flamingo ate a child at 4:56:34
    Mrflimflam convinced somebody who "needed robux for a dream" to sleep at 5:43:54
    Mrflimflam was killed by baconmancool1 at 6:43:54
    Flamingo was resurrected at 6:54:43
    Flamingo rallied the junkbot army to launch an all out attack on baconmancool1 at 7:14:33
    The giant junkbot vs bacon war started at 7:23:22
    Baconmancool1 nuked the junkbots at 7:43:43
    Baconmancool1 was killed for good at 8:04:12
    The junkbots threw a giant party at 8:08:16
    The movie canonically ended at 8:15:17

    This was the script of the flamingo movie

  15. 7:20 the portal radio used to be my alarm… the way I just jumped from alarm ptsd

  16. I bet when Ford is watching this video he is gonna feel stupid lol

  17. fiamgo can you please be my friend in robux I have no food or drink

  18. Starving artists was first donation game by the way

  19. Ukraine is gonna need more then robux

  20. Aloha_vix was a meep city player mostly know to promote oders- (inappropriate fits she made for people to wear was 1)

  21. I like the Elmer part but this was enjoyable to watch

  22. Bruh he just pointed at the dislike button

  23. I had a dream about my kittens being killed…

  24. It's funny how popular "games" get so much copycats that don't even get deleted. No to mention this begging "game" isn't an actual game because I don't have any gameplay there. All u do is afk and beg for bobux every 5 mins.

  25. I’m English so when you said “like football” I forgot he’s American so I though “no that’s rugby because football you kick” I’m not trying to be mean to Americans I just forgot 😅

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