Roblox donation games have gone too far... -

Roblox donation games have gone too far…

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Today I play Roblox donation games and find the worst things and the best things ya ya


  1. "The. Look at flamgo bages"
    -Ford 2022

  2. Idea: make people decide between their family pr robux of decide between a brother or a sister

  3. When I make a high quality game on Roblox, I'm going to make a badgefree version

  4. “ when i was young and dumb “ i mean … nothings changed…

  5. Fun fact: once I ALMOST got into flamingo’s game
    He was playing a game cause I was watching the albert tracker in the game it said he’s in game so I checked Badges and I saw a badge I went into the game but he had already left and then later it came out into a video

  6. When I saw the floating baby in the video I thought it was a floating shoe say yes if you thought the same

  7. starving artists was actually before pls donate

  8. I cant read this but plays a song about element 115 lol

  9. I love cats
    Kitekat friskies
    Perfect fit bellissimo
    Thanks for donate
    I think is what that says
    Purina pro plan purina ONE

  10. selling dead dogs they are really tasty and totally safe to eat. (username: a912fgh)(pls donate) I have a gun and you don't have a choice

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna turn around
    And desert you

  11. is it just me or do I hear is just a burning memory in the background

  12. anyone hear that portal music in the background near the end?

  13. If the person who was saying Albert was there he probably watches flamingo So he’s going to know this is fake

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