Roblox DOORS is one of the BEST horror games I've played on Roblox!! -

Roblox DOORS is one of the BEST horror games I’ve played on Roblox!!

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Welcome back to Roblox where today we’ll be checking out Roblox DOORS. This is a really great little horror experience where your aim is to make it through doors. What’s behind the next one? Only one way to find out.

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  1. Spoilers* The Next Chapter Will Be Called Rock Bottom

  2. if you hear "shshshshshshhlaashahshash" eyes is comin

  3. i have never played doors but it looks a bit sick

  4. A Monster Can Kill Players Seek
    But He Cant Open doors

  5. "Hazem, i think it's time for a new hobby"

    Roblox DEV renevues
    Pls Donate
    Starving Artists

    Hzm be chilling

  6. The fact that after he died he did not notice that DENIS was in the lobby

  7. One of the best horror games but one of the most disgusting fandoms 😞

  8. Did you know that: this game is better than piggy

  9. Ryan: someone is going to straight smack my booty.

  10. look down wan you see look at me in doors

  11. When Roblox was first anccouned I was very excited if even did the f bomb because it’s so cool

  12. Pirate cove looked like one of the maps from the xbox 360 minecraft miningamed

  13. How can you beat seek as a beginner and I still can't him

  14. When I saw him missing the top of those drawers, that always has a lock pic, lighter or something like that I was like bro you missing out you missing out on this stuff

  15. 14:27 was exactly how I reacted when I died to those things.. I was like "JUST STARE AT THE EYES AND THEYY LEAVE!" then mf game said they dont like to be stared at-

  16. Bro played better than me when the first time i joined

  17. I love how the PSP thing said PSP and he said no

  18. Theres 100 Doors, good luck! 8-bitryan!

  19. "I hope he can't see me"

    Dude's literally blind bro🤣

  20. Bro how the heck did you survive seek on FIRST TRY

  21. I wonder why YouTubers act so scared when playing horror games doors is not scary at all even though there’s jump scares

  22. lol when he say loking troatd to death soo i can spend them then he died

  23. Rush:hide in a closet
    Ambush: hide in a closet too
    Seek: follow the light
    Halt: walk back and forth if you see turn around
    Screech: look for him in the dark if you hear post
    Figure: collect all the books or turn on the elevator
    Hide:don't stay in the closet for too long
    Timothy does not kill you so does Jack!

  24. I feel like many people dont know why figure turned around, but if you listen closelt, when figure turns to the left, you can hear glass breaking sounds of some sort, distracting him.

  25. I was waiting for him to encounter Timothy 😂

  26. Is no one gonna talk about that denis daily. Was that the real one

  27. Yeah Ryan bobby it's like siren head and I reminded so fast they schreech just like bendy hehe and that running oil man is seeking and theres more ambush just don't get a middie of hallway so you can died with that or just hide as you want tho

  28. The TOP drawer Has a lot OF stuff if Solo just loot

  29. Man survived seek on his first try, dang that’s some skill

  30. Ryan be like: dies to eyes/door knocks ryan:nobody is answering the door bud i was dieing on the ground

  31. I like how in the beginning he didn't look at screech and didn't work and the next door he just does it again

  32. Doors makes the mimic look like piggy…

    May I add, this game is in alpha still and it’s THE MOST POPULAR HORRO GAME EVER ON ROBLOX… LIKE DAMN…

  33. The guy that chased you with the eyeball is called seek

  34. I never knew you would start playing roblox

  35. Me: watches video
    Also me: notices purple eyes glow in background

  36. I will say "mimic" beats "doors" easily yea doors is a good horror game but mimic just has better animation more horror and a story which doors doesnt 😏

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