Roblox Escape The Tunnel - Updated Original Full Gameplay | Khaleel and Motu -

Roblox Escape The Tunnel – Updated Original Full Gameplay | Khaleel and Motu

I am Khaleel
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I am Khaleel Present : UPDATED!!! The Tunnel (ORIGINAL) Gaming Commentary In Hindi Urdu Audio.
You are a Tunnel maintenance worker, and you go to work on one of the tunnels and what you find inside is *Shocking*
not really…
while you are working In the tunnel you get caught behind a train passing by. Then from behind you hear a familiar song..
a song from you childhood but unsettling… You turn around then..
Im not telling you, play the game!
In this game you run from Thommy the engine! Why is he chasing you? What reason does He have? Who is the Real bad guy?


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I am Khaleel

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  1. Iam khallel motu ka sath roblox part 2 la ano na aur scary teacher part 25 banao na

  2. Please try the eye horror game please please 🙏🥺

  3. hi motu and khaleel very nice gameplay i so love it 😀❤️❤️💞🥰 i watch your all videos 😊😇 please shout out to me 🙏🥺🥺 and khaleel i am your big fan from bangladesh 🇧🇩😘

  4. il bhai ye naKhalil bhai yenna you will Thomas train iska na is train ka naam hai Thomas hai Jis train ka abhi alag grey color ki train udanaKhalil bhai yenna you will Thomas Train iska na is train ka naam hai Thomas Hai Jis train ka abhi alag grey color ki trainuse train ka naam hi hai Thomas Jisko Abhi Chumma Banaya

  5. Thomas hi mujhe lagti hai aisa lohe ka toy bhi tha mere pass iske shakal bahut creepy thi

  6. Hii Hello l Love you 💓💓
    !! — _ — !! Is the am meeting 🤝💯🔥

  7. I am. Era I am so. Biggest Fan. Khaleel and Motu

  8. Blue train name is THOMAS 😊😊😊😊😊okay fat…and
    Good video…😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


  10. Blue wali train ka naam Thomas hai tum Sahi bole the

  11. Canweapperciatehowmuncheffortheputsinhisvidos

  12. sirpatanehimujhe Elsa nam kahe huakhleelsir

  13. Bhai kya naam hai is game ka asali naam batao na main samajh Nahin a Rahi Maine iska naam bhi check kar liya samajh Nahin a Rahi Fir Bhi

  14. Aap message kyon nahin kar rahe ho bata do

  15. Khalil pur kab release hoga jaldi batao na please kaun se date mein hoga net agar tumne nahin bataya to main tumhare

  16. Is train ka naam Spencer hai turant bhag jao

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