Roblox Family Vacation - Goldies First Cruise Roleplay - Titi Games -

Roblox Family Vacation – Goldies First Cruise Roleplay – Titi Games

Titi Games
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I surprise Goldie with a Roblox Cruise vacation! Its her very first time! But things dont go as planned! This is a Travel Routine gone sour!
This Roblox game is actually a “Story”, its lots of fun to play with friends or family.
There are a few different endings to the game and you can play many times and get a different end.
Goldie & Titi love vacations, as you seen in other videos they love new adventures, in this game they left their home in Bloxburg for a new Roblox adventure, and Goldie was so happy to go on a cruise ship.
Hope you all enjoy this fun & funny roblox video ! We really loved playing this game:

Cruise [Story] 🛳
By Ponchokings

Titi Games is a Family friendly channel – All videos are positive, fun & Funny !
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  1. Yes I have in the cool story it was crazy

  2. It teaching me so many story’s!😃💎

  3. OMG WOW I LOVE THIS ROLLPLAY!! And I love this storyline

  4. TT I love you and I love your videos and I wish I can play with you but I don’t think that will happen but I will love you always I will always love you and also I want you to make merch😁

  5. You should play with me on brokcaven my username is that_girl_jaliyah44

  6. Reeyah sethichaiyen pink black purple green white says:

    Aaaaahahhhhhhhh I’m your big fan is been so long

  7. Please don’t scare me with that wave again

  8. Hi titi I love your videos I wish I can play Roblox with you I hope you friend me on Roblox😃🤩🤩

  9. You should really make some merch. It would be so cool if you made March.

  10. Make merge my name is kinaria and I've been watching you for 6 hours

  11. Goldie my name is leyna and I live i malawi and I love ice cream 🍦 too 😋

  12. I'm your biggest fan I see in some of your videos some of your fans see you baby we can meet in brook haven here's something cool one of my friends made brook haven

  13. I like your videos I wish I had your skin in Roblox

  14. Hi I wish I could play with you that game

  15. l have not watched you in years happy to see you agen love your videos l subscribe to your channle and like evry one you guys are my fav youtubers love u guys bye😘😘😘

  16. I was in the game I saw you playing same bacon hair maroon color I typed omg titi issues here in the board

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