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Today, FLUSH will look at more DARK TRAGEDIES that have been recreated on ROBLOX! From SCARY TRAIN ACCIDENTS to PLANE and even FERRY CRASHES, Flush is going to look into the different ROBLOX SIMULATOR games and find out what happened to cause such events.

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  1. You have a 100 percent thing of diying in a car crash then diying in a train and plane.

  2. 30 minutes might not seem long. but it is, because u nonrmally last 5-10 minutes before crashing. and if they did any wrong turn, (turning their wing lift alot) their plane would just get out of control and crash due to having no rudder

  3. Please check out the kismit california train collision where a BNSF grain train hit another BNSF train. Unsure how may deaths and injuries in the collision

  4. For the people saying "only true flush fans can like this comment" are probably not even flush fans

  5. FedEx flight 80 killed all 5 people

  6. Bro, it’s a means the time the Tangiwai train disaster it’s a New Zealand you idiot

  7. Rest in peace to all the victims of JAL 123…

  8. The game you play in the beginning of the video was actually based off a lost episode of Thomas and Friends called, "Thomas and The Unfinished Bridge", but it's not real at all!

  9. The fact thomas and friends made a tragedy in a episode is something…

  10. By the way, locomotives are my favorite trains

  11. ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  12. U should see da plane crash of alaska Airlines it was snowy

  13. Fact: you clicked on this video because it wouldn’t stop popping up

  14. R.I.P Thomas the train 🙂 also Haters of this guy should be on train disasters. I am very suprised that 400 people were on the train and nobody died

  15. the second game is from the movie Hugo

  16. Would like to correct you on the fact you call the engineer of the crew "the conductor." Please to any non-railfanners/train enthusiasts that the engineer nor firemen is called the conductor. The conductor is a person apart of the passenger crew or freight crew that just really does all the codes and regulations that are required on the consist, like checking the tickets, the flag codes, all that stuff. The engineer is the one who operates the machine and the firemen (mostly on steam engines only) is the one that manages fuel and all the essentials mainly helping the engineer.

  17. you should see the The wartime sinking of the German Wilhelm Gustloff in January 1945 in World War II by a Soviet Navy submarine, with an estimated loss of about 9,400 people, remains the deadliest isolated maritime disaster ever, excluding such events as the destruction of entire fleets like the 1274 and 1281 storms


  19. I like trains [@abimbolapeters gets hit by train] 🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉

  20. As A Train And Plane Fan, This Literally Made Me Kinda Sad.

  21. he has a roblox video of the bintaro crash the story bigins at where two train hit each other and the two train name is bintaro so you know why it's call the bintaro crash

  22. Rms express of ireland pls it sunk in Canada bc it Collided with another ship

  23. Why dose the first game have to be in my country 😢

  24. You should check out the kismet train collision

  25. Thousands or millions of games and you pick these?

  26. I only liked the Train ones cause i want to be a Train conductour

  27. I was the only one to notice Thomas the tank engine 💀

  28. Another disaster: the Kismet train collision. Train #1: a cement train led by BNSF 4475, BNSF 4715, NS 8967, and BNSF 4576. train #2: a Manifest (mixed freight cars) led by BNSF 4059, NREX 5473, BNSF 1065, FURX 8110, BNSF 2437, BNSF 7065, and BNSF 997. both trains collided at Kismet siding with the Manifest turning onto the siding, And the cement going straight, however, they both collided at the SAME time, and not one colliding with the middle of the other. all but one locomotive was saved and restored. the rest were scrapped.

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