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Roblox Games Based on True Events

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the true story behind your favorite roblox games!
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  1. Fun fact: these are all probably not true

  2. 𝕄𝕖𝕝𝟘𝕟 ℙ𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕘𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕕 𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕖𝕣 says:

    Fun fact: your so curious that you check the comments to see fun facts 😃

  3. Fun fact the telly tubbies is rainbowfrends irl like in a way but different and actually had succes

  4. Did you know roblox was based of this:two men with a block head and bacon hair they had to do obbys to drink sleep and eat they both died and never seen again

  5. when it said "grandma in the woods" i was like:

  6. This is Not actually The Real The Real story behind Doors: Lsplash wanted to make a unique horror game so they maked doors

  7. on 4 aka rainbow friends is gonna have 2 examples teletubbies & don't hug me I'm scared I have watch that on my brother cellphone

  8. I loved teletubbies so much I hate it now I'm scared of it and I'm a flipping 9 year old

  9. and the lazers hit him and chopped his legs off nd he was gone

  10. ive watched teletubbies before, stopped after a little while but idon't remember why

  11. piggy backstorry go like this there was and police and the pig picked him up than he wastrying to ecape the house

  12. The show he was talking about was rainbows I think- it's bc zippy was on the thumbnail

  13. A fam were so obsessed with pigs and they became pigs but they didn’t know it was illegal so they were gonna go to jail but they killed the cops

  14. Doors is lie it based on spooky hotel mansion I think look at doors scroll down you will see so doors story CaP

  15. Fun fact: Everyone mostly uses fun facts.

  16. Fun fact: For adopt me
    If you read sir woofingtons text in the royal egg area
    Sir woofingtons actually says "You may be wondering how im talking. its because me and burt swapped minds"

    I actually dont remember but he dors say that they swapped minds

  17. Nah piggy a ripoff of granny so the piggy story when it says pig it means grandma

  18. Hey kreek.. teletubies are creepy but… the baby in the sun isnt.

  19. I agree to kreekcraft, the doors story was super fake

  20. I have the rainbow friends plushes would you leave or no I would be really sad if you did

  21. omg i know what he say ki**ed mean it means killed

  22. Pick me a day off at work so I’m going back to the store and get a drink for you too and I will be home in the rain so I’m not sure what the heck I would be going back to the store or anything but I’m just getting back from work so I don’t have time for that long time so I’m not sure what to the time I go back from work but I’m not sure if I’m not sure I have a good idea to come back from the new house to get a big one from you guys but I’m just not sure if you have a new job yet or not but I’m not going back to the house yet if you need to come in for my new job please give me a pet free shipping address for your convenience please give us your number and

  23. Teletubies is the worst kid tv show ever AND NETFLIX IS MAKING A TELETUBIES SHOW WHY NETFLIX AT LEAST MAKE IT A PG 13 HORROR MOVIE THERES A decapitated HEAD AS THE SUN I’m scarred for life cause of that show like a furbie also LUV UR VIDS

  24. the doors back story is fake doors was enspired by rooms a old game so what hes saying is fake just to say kreek

  25. There's also another show kind of like rainbow friends it's about these dragons I think they're in a rainbow color

  26. Kreek: Tik Tok
    Me: that’s YouTube shorts not tik tok

  27. Incase you didn't know Doors is based off a nightmare the developer had, not a random story about a couple.

  28. did you know that the teletubbies are place where you can find what i mean is that the place is called dreamcore it has the place

  29. doors is not scary because it's just the whole game

  30. the adopt me one if fake (i mean cant you tell)

  31. We know the piggy thing was very very fake cuz piggy is based on peppa pig

  32. i got a beter one about rainbow friends: there was a show called "blues awesome rainbow friends". episode 4 was when the truth was revealed. there was a glitch in the video tape
    where it cut to purple being put in the vents by red, the only human in a costume. then blue was shown on screen and there was text saying "help us. WE WANT OUT". then it cuts back to the show like nothing happened. stay safe!

  33. did anyone realize that burt was a picture of someone from a show lol

  34. like if you're family friendly like kreekcraft

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