Roblox Games Everyone HATES... -

Roblox Games Everyone HATES…

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roblox games everyone hates according to roblox tiktok





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  1. I don't agree with part 9 of the "most hated videos." More specifically, the part where it showed survive and kill killers in area 51 because, 1. it said it goes no updates BUT last year it had a Halloween event. 2. It is still pretty popular, maybe it died down a bit but still popular. 3. Bruh he showed it in a most hated Roblox games video even though it is not hated. Same goes for piggy

  2. There is still teamers in murder mystwry 2😢😢

  3. Nooo pizza place was my favorite in back in the day

  4. In part 8 the guy is wrong because doors is one of the most popular games on roblox

  5. I will die if kreek doesnt have a roasting degree😂

  6. Thank you Kreek you made my day better😊😊

  7. I really liked playing piggy when I started playing robloc in 2020

  8. Why you put my Roblox account avatar in the cover

  9. My most hated game was this infecting game when you touch white you infect and people would not listen to me when I said stop cause it was mean

  10. "Your being a bit SUSSY WUSSY"
    me: Sussy P-

  11. hey the female in pink is a person who was in a wash your bum bum every singe day!

  12. I remember when adopt ,e had 200 players lol it got really popular soon and at that time I was playing on X Box really crazy but the. music was a banger anyone who sees this pls cheack it out also tysm kreek you always make my day a lot better every bodlike this video and sub to kreek and if you won’t sorry kreek I love you’re videos hope you can make another one soon becouse you are the best

  13. I love area 51 even it has no updates the game always gets me hyped

  14. In around 2020-2021 i used to have so much fun in area 51 games and it was so interesting there is a lot to explore when you go in the depths and i find it fun to explore and get chased. Make a video about it

  15. Meepcity?there are ALOT of online daters bc one day I was playing meepcity and I found 2 guys making out😅and I’m like,”ew.gross”

  16. Tbh MM2 is overrated . The game itself it's just not worth your time. It's too hard to get a gun and if you do it you will be killed in 5 seconds bc a camper. Also there is a game called murder party which is WAY better than mm2 and has almost no attention.

  17. Yo bedwars and redwood prison I know its try harder But don’t hate the game pls😢

  18. Kreek needs to wash he's eyes with holy water ayy I know what I saw there I wash my eyes with holy water to

  19. Get eaten was one of the first Roblox games I played so I feel sad it’s dead

  20. bruh that pizza game i plsy it but not my fevor but its my fevoret when i play with my freind like i play that game

  21. Wait what happened to murder mystery 1???

  22. Bed wars is the best game on roblox never say bed wars is one of the most hated game on roblox bed wars is fire

  23. kreek does not his join was on in adopt and rise.

  24. Piggy died bec I heard some kid saw a pig in a farm then the kid let the pig eat his mom

  25. My first game was work at a pizza placeXD🎉🎉🎉

  26. take this man to 8m for his incredible exposing hacker for 8 y/o

  27. The games are not the problem, the players are

  28. No way arsenal is one of the most hated games on Roblox It’s one of my favorite Roblox games ever but I can probably see why there’s a lot of try Hards in arsenal

  29. Is anyone really surprised that murder mystery is beating pet simm x

  30. Dude I used to play Work At A Pizza Place ALL THE TIME as a kid, I would always do delivery if I could, the nOsTaLgiA

  31. 🌀𝖾𝗆𝖾𝗋𝖺𝗅𝖽 ★ says:

    8:48 kreek’s girlfriend seeing him in this game pov:

  32. Get eaten is my 2nd game I ever played on roblox

  33. Naaa the last game kreek dropped the soap

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