Roblox Games Kids Are BANNED FROM PLAYING 😱😭 -

Roblox Games Kids Are BANNED FROM PLAYING 😱😭

Seriously Dude
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  2. A five year old meat, orange from rainbow friends kid:😲

  3. Gigakids don’t even care they like to play these except for maple hospital 🍁 🏥 like who plays that 💀🗿

  4. I played piggy at 7 years old and also 8 and 9 and is not scary for me only my brother haha

  5. If you ban bloxburg, piggy, and maple hospital, I’m coming for you 😈

  6. The 1 type of comment everyone makes: Team blababah

  7. Nooooooooo I am a I am a kid😢😢😮

  8. im not scare to piggy and im a kid and I don't play badwars

  9. The games that acctually make people die with loud sounds

  10. When i play piggy i died 100 times celerbration🎉

  11. At least she is banning maple hospital

  12. I played piggy when i was 5! And i did NOT think that it was scary. Just be fucking realistic dude

  13. U lie because when i play maple hospital i din,t got banned

  14. Bloxburg literally technically teaches you how the real world is like

  15. I was playing a game neko seek and banned me

  16. piggy isn't even scary🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿

  17. This YouTuber is sucks I played bedwars every time

  18. I played bloxburg at seven piggy 5 , yrs.

  19. Bro called piggy scary when I was 5 I played piggy alot lol

  20. I'm a kid and I still play those games you can't ban me you can't bend all kids because I can still play those games😂😂😂

  21. Maple hospital is just a game to learn how to be a docter

  22. I still play maple hospital as a kid plus it’s for all ages the game of maple hospital 💀

  23. I played piggy in 7 years and did’n get banned I’m a big lick I have a piggy Lego set because
    I love piggy so muchhhh ❤❤❤

  24. I have played doors and I got 100 banneds each day 😡😡😡

  25. How have played happy oofday that is terrifying and creepy y scary game that I poop my pants so much that I got an diarrhea that was pretty explosive that I almost die 😂😂😂

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