Roblox games Kids SHOULD Never Play 😳🚫 -

Roblox games Kids SHOULD Never Play 😳🚫

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  1. There’s a lot of rainbow friends and doors they’re not scary at all so why can’t you guys just change into dumb breaking something else

  2. Rainbow friends aren’t scary if my little brother plays it he don’t get scared his only 4

  3. Kids should NEVER play Roblox it's too susy and bad words are said

  4. I play Roblox rainbow friends a whole bunch and I'm Netflix blue is weird green is funny and yellow school purple just lives under a rock the whole day and the rest are super cool so take that you big dumb dumb😂

  5. Im 9
    Doors: played
    Maple hospital: i dont played
    Public bathroom: Played (public)
    Rainbow friends: Played

  6. Doors is not scary at all I played all the time In rainbow friends is not even scary at all

  7. I’m 7 and I beaten doors today 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  8. Bruh there not scary you scared for no reason and i am not even an tenager 😂😂😂

  9. Bruh doors is not scary i have beat it 5 times in a row

  10. Bro I played doors with my sister and rainbow friends with my sister too we didn't even get scared lol😑

  11. Well I'm 8 years old now so I'm not gonna be scared 😂

  12. 1 doors is 9+ so obviously it’s a bit scary 2 maple hospital is a role play game and they don’t know how babies are made. 3 bathroom simulator is only bad if u join public server and rainbow friends is not scary

  13. Wrong with you I will only play Roblox one I sold in Roblox

  14. Wrong with you I will only play Roblox one I sold in Roblox

  15. 😭😭😭😭😭 I like playing rainbow, friends

  16. Okay.
    I swear it’s the same ppl.
    No no no and no.
    I seen so many kids playing doors.
    And maple hospital, well their avatar ain’t a kid it can be any age, so no bad explanation.
    And public bathroom, I can agree with.
    And then rainbow friends, no no, it’s not even scary!

  17. The person who thinks the intro is too long

  18. Im kids but i dont scared rainbow friends

  19. My brother of 4 years old plays it every day :/

  20. Okay? And? Are you gonna sue the Devs? DO IT!! Are you gonna make another Video on " All Roblox games aren't for kids. " DUDE THEN ARE YOU GONNA SAY ROBLOX ISN'T FOR KIDS??

  21. Ha bro called rainbow friends and doors scary

  22. im a kid i play ranbow friends i am 5 team rambow friends

  23. rainbow friends & doors are not a scary game my little brother loves those games they are his fav games.

  24. Thanks for telling i wil never tey ro play these games cause im a kid but i play rainbow friends every day but its not scary for me 😢❤😂

  25. bro thinks rainbow friends is scary doors to

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