Roblox Games Kids SHOULD NEVER Play 😳🤪 #roblox -

Roblox Games Kids SHOULD NEVER Play 😳🤪 #roblox

RebootedKarl Shorts
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  1. Your a child plus rainbow friends is less scary than fnaf security breach

  2. the intruder, the mimic, apeirophobia, Blair scary stories, bear, banana eats, the maze, rooms, the Rake , dead silence, alone in a dark house,geisha,finders keepers,survive the killer, stop it slender, the mirror, the haunted imperial hotel, happy oofday, the Asylum, it lurks, darkness beyond, Judy, midnight horrors, three nightmares, granny, start survey, spider, evade, Nico's next bots, left the chat

  3. Rainbow friends,doors are not that scary

  4. Rainbow friends and doors are not scary dummy ass

  5. I bet u shit ur pants when play doors

  6. :i play:
    Rainbow friends yes
    Shower sim yes
    Maplecity yes
    Doors yes
    And i,m a kid almost teen

  7. And you don’t even have a reason for shower sim

  8. I kids not scary doors & rainbow friends

  9. Ok the 8/9 yr me
    Rainbow friend✅
    Shower simulator❎
    Maple hospital✅

  10. I played maple hospital and doors and rainbow friend im a kid but in maple hospital I do not do family RP 💀✋

  11. Me kid. En. PlLAY. DORS. REBOL. Friends. 😅

  12. Lol i play maple hospital and rainbow friends and i am still 10 years old btw its a game not real life😂

  13. Bruh that games even not scary maybe for you bc u 2🤔

  14. I play doors and rainbow friends and im 9 years old

  15. I'm a kid and I paly the rainbow friends and it's boring

  16. i play rainbow friends and doors and its not scary

  17. i play doors n rainbow friends

  18. I play Maple Hospital what do you mean it's for kids who want to become a Doctor.

  19. I'm a kid i like roblox can you please give me robux

  20. You can’t tell us what roblox game we can’t play your not the boss of us

  21. Ur right.
    Kids can’t have babys
    It’s a game.

  22. I’m 10 and I don’t give a f uck

  23. Rainbow friends and Doors aint scaring kids they see five nights at freddys and poppy playtime they not gonna get scared by doors and rainbow boys

  24. the limit that kids should never play, is not limit.

  25. im 8 and i play roblox horror games roblox and fortnite without getting scared

  26. I play rainbow friends and I play mapple hospital 😂 and I'm a kid still😂

  27. Doors lie take this down😈😈😈😈😅😈😈😈

  28. I play:
    Rainbow Friends✔
    Shower sim❌
    Maple city❌

  29. Bro I play all of those egstept the shower one and they are not bad n

  30. Bro rainbow friend like not scary and door not scary that just a door

  31. つつツ XxMvmseerYTxXgamerXD ツつつ says:

    Bro i played raimbow firends and doors when i was 11💀

  32. I play:
    Rainbow Friends:❌
    Shower Sim.:❌
    Maple Hospital:❌
    those all doesn't 😐

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