Roblox games now have age ratings... -

Roblox games now have age ratings…

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roblox has recently announced that soon games on the platform will be able to have their own age rating like any other normal game… david baszucki himself said that for now, roblox will be PG-13, but there’s a possibility that mature and adult rated games will be allowed on roblox… this is very interesting to think about
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  1. UGH I'm so angry at this crappy update I'm not even 10, damn it ROBLOX now I can only play MeepCity and Adopt me >:(

  2. In my opinion this is a stupid idea. I think that you should have parental controls that can change the games that you can play. The developers can put reasons like for an example… A game could be E-10+ for mild language, and the parent could let the kids play games with those specific reasons, so as a parent you would check mild language and they would be able to play games with those reasons.

  3. Arsenal : M 17+
    Jail Break : T 13+
    Adopt Me : AO
    Piggy : M 17+
    Speed Simulator : E

  4. I bet most SCP games on ROBLOX are gonna be M rated since the SCP Foundation is not appropriate for kids

  5. Honestly,

    its a bad idea. for starters, the filter could be removed, meaning it would be lesser targeted towards kids. With m and AO games.

    NSFW games will be on the rise and eventually make Roblox age rated turned into adults. Meaning, kids cannot play it. however, I would like some ratings kept such as Early Childhood, Everyone and E10. Teen can be allowed but not with huge amount of gore and stuff

    Some note here if you don't know what AO is.

    It is "adults only" only 18+ allowed only no kids. They are banned from consoles (except for thrill kill on PS one)

    It contains mostly of NSFW games and dating games. You can find them on steam.

    If Roblox allows AO and M rated games, it could cause Roblox to be removed from consoles.

  6. I am very excited for this feature, as this will allow for moderately mature games on Roblox. (like foul language, sexual content, etc.)

  7. why in the uk there is no 13? but in us it is 13. would this update be like users located in us be 13 but UK would be 12?

  8. I honestly wish developers can have options to age restriction to their games

  9. Bruh this is so bad imagine you made a really graphic fighting game the amount of players you will have now is 25 or 116

  10. Ugh age restrictions now I have to wait 3 years because I’m 10 year old

  11. This is a stupid as the games should be free to evreyone

  12. I hate roblox rip 3 year olds we will remember it and roblox is gonna lose billions

  13. The fact that on the app store it says "12+" and it puts age restrictions for 7 year olds is hillarious

  14. i really dont want this to happen im 11 years old i dont want this!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I set my age to 8 because it was my fave number: ….

  16. dude I'm so pissed rn since my friend with alot of good knives in mm2 can't play mm2 at all, he spent alot of robux on this knife aswell and now he doesn't have access to it since he made his acc bday 2017. he asked Roblox thru support and ofc they can't do anything. gotta love Roblox

  17. BRUH!!! I hope they dont do this bc i made my account when I was 7 and instead of making my birthdate 2009 (which is my real birth year) I made it 2015!!! And I bought over 220$ worth of things!

  18. Honestly I am kinda mad I can’t play da hood :T I was just getting addicted tbh I don’t like it :/

  19. this is so unfair im only 8 and mm2 is probably gonna be like 12+

  20. It would be pointless because people can just lie about their age.

  21. Also, some people have set their age to the wrong age. I did too, and I might not even be able to play my favorite games.

  22. Age rating in roblox will allow for some games that needed to be mature.
    Like zombie games with blood and gore and curses.
    (They are gonna allow this on 17+ games)

  23. I'm with the person at 0:47
    I remember thinking that it would take forever to get to 2015. Well that backfired

  24. Roblox Players Below 13: "Am i a joke to you?!"

    Edit: i think roblox is fine for children (except for horror and bloody games) Roblox just needs to add restriction for those who are 13 below

  25. Roblox RDC official site said that Jailbreak Piggy Mad City is 12+

  26. imagine m+ and a+ Roblox games. that would be weird….
    also I think it is a great idea. I'm not scared of it cause I have an 13+ account but it would be nice, heck a lot of my own un-finished games i hand-rate cause my games heavily change in age (obviously I stick to max pg-13 only)

  27. I think it’s a good idea to keep Roblox safe

  28. Its a bad idea my roblox account age is 2019 they dont let me change it i contacted roblox support

  29. Tower defense simulator is rated t for teen

  30. oh no recently a hacker change my age help me!

  31. I am 9 yrs old but I can handle blood and Violence

  32. Me who made the account on 2016 and put my real birthdate and currently plays a fight game called kaiju paradise:
    "Holy fucking sh-"

  33. Its bad idea i cant change my age and its 2020 when im not 2

  34. They could try to do requests to the parent / guardian so the parent can decide what they want for their child / children. Because if the kid may be under 13+ they could be allowed to do. Like if ur child is allowed to play fortnite etc. This would be helpful to the parent / guardian.

    My response to the age restrictions: I think this is very bad to the people who joked about the birthday.
    And for people who love a game but it will be turned to 13+ or mature. That is my response to this.

  35. Will roblox actually have age Ratings for games on roblox Because I've heard it's in Beta right now

  36. Plantation2022 The Gaming roblox and elevator fan says:

    Bye bye ratings

  37. I'm 13 but my account is 2020 i'm too scared get banned

  38. Everyone: Why did roblox add this feature!
    Me looking at the thumbnail: CEET

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