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How’s it going guys, SharkBlox here,

Today we will be checking out and playing some Roblox games that ruin your Roblox gaming experience! These games can lag/overheat/glitch your computer! So be careful when playing these!

Piggy Obby: ?
Break Roblox: ?
Windows XP: ?
Virus Game: ?
Lag Test: ?

Gameplay: ?


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  1. This is why I don't disable alt f4
    Well my brother alt f4d me when I was unlocking the 1x1x1x in bad business

  2. What is the coat he was wearing in that one video

  3. "Roblox games that break your computer!"

    Jokes on you I play roblox on a tablet.

  4. press the x thingy on the top right of the game

  5. Me on ipad:Oh i understand but im immune 😎

  6. Can u make a video abt windows 7 requirements cuz i cant play roblox for months now cuz of the roblox minimum requirements..

  7. Mine did not be laggy cuz my ipaz handles the laggy game

  8. Wow im in old pc and u, u will just broke and buy another pc lol

  9. the piggy obby you can leave if you just press ESC + L + ENTER altogether really quickly you can leave it with ez

  10. Its not how far you go away its how high you go in the air

  11. If m u g e n is here i am going to scream
    Edit : good

  12. Me who is using the President Server:
    Yo what's the drama shut up my god.

  13. 1:04 bro ur graphics card sounds like a engine for cars that race

  14. How do you destroy a graphics card without physically damaging it?

  15. Atleast you could close the app if your on mobile

  16. Sharkblox! I just got banned for saying gay and does i dont know what too do

  17. you can click the X on the Roblox loading screen and it closes the game

  18. I feel bad for Mac player who play the first game

  19. the parkour obby doesn't even work for me, while it was open it didn't teleport me while i was in game for 15 seconds and clicked on esc l enter lol

  20. Sharkblox: my computer broke now what should I do🤔
    Lets make some dumb people try it out these games on their computers and text me that their PCs broke down and that it happened because of my vid, that should make me happy😎

  21. Title: 'games that break your computer'
    Mobile players:

  22. I’m friends with Sammy he made the game that you can’t leave to scam kids and sell it on the black market. : I’ll edit this and tell more later.

  23. My Roblox client is very slow and keep crashing. Idk why it was normal.

  24. When you leave on parkour the boy obey: OH NO YA DONT

    Me: i have fullscreen off

  25. Lol Devoun played the Piggy one and his fans call him Dumb now!

  26. Eh i tried the break roblox before it only lags it dint break. The pc

  27. Eh i tried the break roblox before it only lags it dint break. The pc

  28. me: ah i got a trash laptop
    shark: let me bust my pc i am going to buy a new pc anyways

  29. For the escape Parkur piggy obby thingy, instead of clicking alt f4 or close the app or press home button, I made a video that shows another way to do it, but I think it only works on mobile, if u don't wanna watch the vid, this is what you do: when you try leaving, and you are loading in to the game, in the top right corner there is an invisible thing. You cant see it, but just click the top right corner. But the other ways are easier so do em

  30. ways to leave the obby
    – alt + f4
    – just press the home button on android
    – disconnect your internet so you get kicked
    – press de red cross on pc

  31. AND dont forget credits to devoun for the escape obby OBEY

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