Roblox Games That Got Deleted..😥🕊️ (Pokemon Brick Bronze) #roblox #shorts -

Roblox Games That Got Deleted..😥🕊️ (Pokemon Brick Bronze) #roblox #shorts

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  1. We all know Pokèmon Brick bronze was deleted, pls stop being in my shorts

  2. Awwww it gives me such good memories 🥺

  3. I used to play brick bronze 🥺😭

  4. I always play that game every single day but it kept getting deleted and deleted and deleted I got so sad in till another one but it didn't felt the same cause they kept copying it and deleting it. R.I.P for Pokemon brick bronze😞

  5. Because it's a copyright to All Pokémon games

  6. RIp pokemon brick bronze 😩this was my heaven.

  7. I s was to join but ROBLOX don't let me to join

  8. I tried to play it one day on 2020 it got deleted

  9. Man pls i loved this game there was one called shiny monsters i was soooo good

  10. Wait wait wait I still play that game watcha talking about

  11. I remember a pokémon game but I never play it or watch YouTube I'll play it well it's like you know you hide something and then you like you have to catch thing in the legally and some of them are being rare like Pikachu or something randomly simple and I wanted to play that game for one I didn't know that was a game I was stupid I was watching YouTube of playing it but the game that you saying I don't think is the game that my favorite YouTuber when I was a kid who's legally playing it I don't think so but I think they got deleted

  12. The game being played in the background is Loomian Legacy- i recognize it very well

  13. I.. remember this game. It was a big part of my childhood….

  14. I don’t remember playing this game but if it was still around I would play it, it seams like a good game to😔

  15. this character looks familiar i think its thinknoddles roblox character

  16. YES 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂

  17. It got deleted because Nintendo copyrighted it

  18. Dude I am checking the rodlox games and it works

  19. i liked playing that game each day i play it

  20. The game infringed copyright, but the devs turned the game into loomian legacy!

  21. I think It didnt get deleted It got but its back i just literally played this a month Ago💀

  22. I remember that game…

    I deleted my game, but not for forever xD. It was playable for 2 days, but then i realized theres no animations in my game.

  23. I’m pretty sure Russian roulette got deleted for being to disturbing

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