Roblox Games that TRAP YOU! -

Roblox Games that TRAP YOU!

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Roblox Games that TRAP YOU!

Today, Flush will look into different ROBLOX GAMES that TRAP YOU! Are these games FAKE, or are they being controlled by HACKERS and hold a DARK SECRET?


Video Inspired by KreekCraft!


  1. man just do alt f4 to leave on no-leave games to leave

  2. I have an Galxly fhone it ez just clik the three line then clik it an don boe bow bow bow ez

  3. AMANDA have a chance Now this on No🥧🥔🐭

  4. There was Jeff the killer that was smiling and I was scared of that picture from like last year

  5. Every player can leave it 🗿🍷

  6. Every player can leave it 🗿🍷

  7. Every player can leave it 🗿🍷

  8. Every player can leave it 🗿🍷

  9. I have a new game I didn't join it look SO SCARY it's called ur mom no joke it's called "ur mom"

  10. you cannot leave this game: Amigos do arco íris

  11. you must tune off your Wi-Fi you will get disconnected in roblox is 1m iq

  12. You are the only one that dosent give me goosebumps

  13. note: turn off your Internet you will disconnect

  14. I think it’s because there are nuclear waste in the lake that are little

  15. i was on mobile and i played a game when i can't leave i just wait till to disconnect and yeah i never played that game

  16. I am on phone Android bro☠️☠️☠️☠️

  17. i literally can’t look at the screen

  18. Pls don't play the red world I just wanna be everyone safe and you


  20. Whenever I watch flash he makes me smile every day even if i'm sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I will play parkur the oby obey escape piggy obby parkour IM WIN THE GAME

  22. Tip to exit just click on the button on the righ 2 times then turn off

  23. Jude the funny video and meme beast (111) says:

    Plot twist: Turn off your wifi until you are disconnected.

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