Roblox games that were made for literal babies -

Roblox games that were made for literal babies

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Today I play Paw patrol games and other games that were made for a much younger audience lol


  1. "This i- this kid" Not him about to call him an idiot lol

  2. im 9 years old and i agree with abert and im scam proof

  3. My cousin was 3 and he played good games and he never cried and he did not watch Ryan he watched fgteev

  4. "do you wanna die?"
    "well right now u dont"
    We did it boys, depression is no more

  5. ☆ S!mplySunnyPlayz ☆ #StopAnimalAbuse! says:

    I love how there's a gun in the Ryan's toy review obby to just torture 1-3 year olds on crusty iPads.

  6. Flamingo: It's chase from Star Patrol
    Me: Star Patrol?😂😂

  7. Honestly that creator was probally a 9 yr old and called u noob and forced to buy lol it’s funny when u think about it

  8. I played paw patrol when I was 6 and I hate that game and I will never play that game again.

  9. Mohammad I thought you were a famous YouTuber how’d you end up there?? 😭

  10. "Are babies even real???" Got me laughing on the floor 🤣

  11. My sisters 4 and she is a pro at obbys

  12. Albert: Mindless little dumb babies
    Baby: Daddy chillllll

  13. Bro I like how this UniPink girl just mentally and physically sucks and wants to die.

  14. Albert: This kid's probably like 7 years old(1:40)
    Ryan being over 10 now: Bro u 𝒐𝒌?

  15. 4 Me:Babies give birth to adults
    Me: Adults give birth to Babies

  16. Albert list:

    Destroying dummies 65%
    Normal gaming 10%
    Admin commands 50%
    A roblox person dying in a video 95%
    Making a game that isn't normal 65%


    Destruction 100%

  17. Ryan’s one of the richest kid YouTube’s

  18. If I make a game I WILL give Albert admin commands because HE DESERVES IT

  19. does albert wear concealer under his eyes

  20. this is how much of a maniac albert is, its hilarious

  21. Unspeakablegaming GAMING UNSPEAKABLE says:

    ”My son mastered the piano when he was a fetus”


    ”my son watches Ryan’s toy reviews”

  22. My little sister actually played at the age of 1 y/o im not kidding bro and now hes 4 hears old and everytime she played obby she crys or scream lmao

  23. I don’t think it’s babies
    I think it’s a 5 month year old

  24. You made a paw patrol game not a Ryan game……….

  25. why was watching unipink1314 jump to them blue rectangle the most motivating thing ive seen today

  26. The “are babies even real got me lol”

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