Roblox games to play when your bored!#shorts #roblox -

Roblox games to play when your bored!#shorts #roblox

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  1. Honestly, I am so sick of god damn roblox. So, I am going to dislike this video and this is my opinion, so don't throw a damn tantrum..

  2. 1. Rip off of gtag 2. Just get a vr tbh 3. Have a nice day thx for reading

  3. Is it just gorilla tag why don’t you just buy a vr and play

  4. that's not enough for me! because i played this game you cant make me happy because i played roblox all games😢

  5. I like how he showed a game that was ripped off by gorilla tag💀

  6. It says “ Game(S) “ but it’s only 1

  7. Orangutag
    (The same thing but you can jump and jump on walls using Space)

  8. Song name? (Because I vibe with it)

  9. ohhh your ayes closes when you dance that's cool

  10. I'm so broad I will play something

  11. Me who plays the actual gorilla tag on VR: 😏😏😏😏

  12. I don’t have to play it on Roblox since I have vr so I can play the real version

  13. Don't worry DJ cook I got some roblox games for you 👍 I got you (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞


    Mini Cities


    Skate Forever

    Neon Knights


    Cabin Crew Simulator

    Billionaire Empire

    YouTube Simulator Z

    Museum Tycoon

    Bow War

    Motel Simulator

    Portal Rush

    Copyrighted Artists

    Super Golf

    Tank Warfare

    Downpour Dash

    Epic Minigames


    Super Striker League


    Boxing League

    Beat Runner

    Wild West



    Type Race

    Cool Oddy 2

    Base Battles



    Draw it

    Math Oddy

    Block Breaker Simulator

    Rush Point

    Pick a side

    Tornado Simulator

    The Crusher

    Glider Simulator


    Idle Fishing Simulator

    Space Noob Tycoon

    Street Tycoon

    Explosion Tycoon

    My Kingdom

    Stonk Towers

    Basketball Madness

    Firework Simulator

    Sea Cleaning Simulator

    YouTube Life

    Rocket Rush Simulator

    Kart Racing

    Hole Simulator

    Get Big

    Acting Tycoon

    Business Empire Tycoon

    Super Hero Academy

    Bid Battle

    Pet Shop Tycoon

    Mecha Simulator



    Silent Asasain

    The Missing

    Allure Vittese

    Garden of Babylon

    Flower Garden in the clouds

    Photorealism test

    Southwest Florida


    The Canyon

    Steel Titans


    Paris {showcase}

    Operation Scorpion

    Trench Maze

    Tokuhu academy

    HedgeRows 2

    Rainy Day



    Death run


    Realistic Apartment


    Project Stardust

    Springs Rock showcase

    Detroit RP

    Noob Army Tycoon

    Big Paintball

    Speed Race

    Elimination Tower

    Obby Creator

    Vortex Engine


    Michael Zombies

    Downtown Central

    Dead End – Underground

    Anime Fighting Simulator

    Creatures Of Sonaria

    Sound Space

    Basically FNF


    Booga Booga

    Drop the Number

    BotClash Simulator

    Apples to Pairs

    UFO Tycoon


    Give Geoffrey James a big shout out for give me games to you

    Also some of these games may not be fun… But be grateful 🙃

  14. I play the real gorilla tag not the shitty roblox version that doesn't even support vr

  15. this is my little brother George this is Daddy Pig says:

    Just get the game

  16. Song name sweater weather x after dark hope this helps

  17. Bro it’s better on the vr

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