Roblox Games to play with your friends part 2! -

Roblox Games to play with your friends part 2!

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  2. Pov:when you were reading it you said roblox is boring

    And when u read this you said roblox is boring
    And u keep saying its boring

  3. I’ll just say here’s some other ones…..
    Invicton notice
    Spray paint
    Broken bones
    Kaiju universe
    Hope you enjoyed bye💗💗💗💗

  4. you cant judge if roblox is boring, its a sandbox game

  5. Roblox is amazing for real I've been playing it for 4 years

  6. Still boring all those games are short

  7. Old roblox was better now Its a trash simulator…

  8. I am not saying it’s boring I am saying its a kids games that is so stupid 👎

  9. Untitled Tag game is really fun game
    So try it out

  10. “Fling pepole around and things “ me be like: its called fling things and pepole-

  11. Literally picked some of the worst and most basic Games

  12. I’ve played Roblox for so long I’ve done so much I would have already quit but rb battles came back so ima quit after

  13. Don’t say roblox is boring even it might be but the friends you made along your adventure is the thing that matters

  14. all of the games are still pretty boring tbh roblox is getting more boring i might switch to minecraft soon

  15. It’s only boring when it crashed or shut down for 1-4 days 😭

  16. Tittle: dont say roblox is boring before playing those games with friends.
    Thats the problem i dont have friends

  17. I played all the games and I’m still so bored

  18. i like to play FPAAT aka fling people just becuz i can have dirty dirty 😉

  19. What about “murders vs. Sherrifs”? It’s fun atleast

  20. Still Roblox is boring no matter what new games they'll add ill always get bored at the game

  21. but i dont have friends if i had them rhey wouldnt have time to play:/

  22. More games
    Black Magic II
    Item asylum
    Random rumbles
    All of thesse games are fighting games
    And pls play G2GO it Has like no playera but the game is epic

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