roblox gore is getting SCARY... -

roblox gore is getting SCARY…

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  1. They allow this, but they don't allow you to say lmao….?

  2. "this is just the beginning"-some random screaming homeless man

  3. “Red box servers are extremely chaotic”
    Lmao i know one time in a server i got a reputation as a person who cuffed everyone, shot them, and called it peace by gaslighting them into thinking they were a machine of war and told them the best way to solve problems was their torturous death💀

  4. take 7 (i think) of asking corny to play fireteam

  5. I remembered I played a Russian roulette game (which was taken down)

    The gore was so much and the fact you had to stay looking at your head blown off was too much for me, I left ofc

  6. man i play this game since it came out and play it everyday

  7. dude horror games gotta step up, a silly fun game is more bloodier than your game.

  8. Se o jogo fosse desse jeito o jogo teria a classificação de idade mais 18

  9. He's Tea Bagging Me !!
    Welcome to the U.K my Friend

  10. In the pit boys in the pit
    Me : remember, no Russian

  11. Hey guys check out this gore game!
    Everyone: Timmy are uh, you okay?


  13. Wow ! Thanks to the developper ! They does a perfect representation of common Ohio Neighborhood !

  14. Isn't gore on roblox against the rules they put in place lol. Man room is a mess all the time

  15. well speaking of gore, still recommending you that one russian roulette game, Sentience or something. The name gets the game banned, so I changed it to 'untitled basement game" and I changed the map a bit.

  16. Roblox before: kid friendly roleplays with the most nicest people

  17. So basically Da Hood but more graphic? Nice 👍

  18. weird i have watched this a year ago but i have watched other stuff and people play it weird

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