ROBLOX has the best FPS games. -

ROBLOX has the best FPS games.

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Hey! Welcome back! Today we switch it up and play ROBLOX.. Yes, Roblox, the game for 10 year olds. Anyway, I was told about this game within Roblox called Bad Business and I got to say, this game is fun af. I spent the day messing around on it as well as spending some money lol. hope you enjoy 🙂

*Roblox is better than call of duty* | Dysmo
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  1. Dysmo play some Rogue Company! Hella underrated game and it's free

  2. just wait until you come across guys like me with 6+ kdr's lmao. one of the sweatiest and most fun games ive ever played

  3. pls I have a really good Roblox game for u. It’s almost as realistic as cod. It’s called frontlines (demo)

  4. Bad business is so hard on mobile tho lol, you can’t turn autoshoot off!

  5. I spent $120 on the big edition for battlefield 2042 and stopped playing before the first patch💀

  6. you should try "recoil" its in beta rn but the sniping is insane

  7. roblox is a great concept but its fully of 9 year olds which i cant stand

  8. Try Recoil its rly fun and the funny part is when you slide they have the warzone sliding noise

  9. idk why people always say that roblox is shit but there are very nice games out ther you can try frontline its beta but very fun and good looking

  10. I dare you play arsenal and you will get bullied

  11. Bro play Arsenal on roblox, ur not gonna regret it

  12. Sorry man I u was in mah lobby you would be 7 and 30

  13. bad business is now 3.0 and phantom forces just added 7 trillion new pistols in the test place

  14. I know im late on this vid but i am a level 46 on bad business and you should save up for the mac-10 it is the best secondary

  15. I've pretty much maxed this game out but I play it anyway because it's just so fun

  16. pls play phantom forces the game is just insane.many people say bb is pay to win

  17. bfv or infinite? I think both are free (multiplayer for halo is)

  18. it's always so funny and entertaining to watch a newer player's reaction to a game that you play 34 hours a week

  19. As soon as I noticed Bad Business I disliked and paused the video haha.

  20. play this roblox game called randomizer, youre gonna laugh alot (yes its a combat game lol)

  21. Ragdoll Universe in Roblox was fun when it was populated so I mean if you wanted to play it just ask your discord it's really fast paced fun

  22. now you gotta grind mastery camos in bad business (:

  23. Donald Pump - "Make America Lift Again" says:

    As much as I hate Roblox and I think it's utter cringe NGL – I still absolutely love some of the FPS games and zombie games

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