Roblox “horror” games 🤓 #roblox #doors #funny #trending #comedy #robloxedit #shorts -

Roblox “horror” games 🤓 #roblox #doors #funny #trending #comedy #robloxedit #shorts

Bruv Shorts
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  1. What about doors 🤔

  2. Camping:
    Jolly’s carnival:
    King bobs and rdites games:
    Roblox myth games:

  3. Dead silence was actually horrifying. I was on edge the entire time

  4. What kids think:
    Everything is roblox
    What men think:
    What is roblox?

  5. Survive and kill the killers in area 51 has left the chat

  6. I played doors like 2years but i couldn’t escape the stupid figure in lvl 5

  7. i dont even think of those "real horror games" as horror games

  8. I bet you no one knows what Ralph County Archives is.

  9. The rake is like the most horror out of them rn

  10. still not a horror game till they find "my eyes deceive"

  11. Chain is a horror game that will make even
    Sigmas shit their pants

  12. Bro 3008 and the rake are the games that I love

  13. Short creepy stories and 3008 are not scary

  14. In fact old Roblox then better new new scary game is for a dumb player and old Roblox scary game is very better then new because old Roblox is better

  15. I need a scarier horror game. The person making the edit: “3008.” That ain’t even scary

  16. Real horror games:
    The Horror Elevator (game from 2015 that died)
    OG Scary Elevator
    Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51
    Survive Area 51 before 2020

  17. Im a kid and i still know what horror games actually are

  18. The mimic and apeirophobia I completed both got almost every lantern in mimic and completed all levels in apeirophobia

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