Roblox Horror Games Are Getting TERRIFYING... -

Roblox Horror Games Are Getting TERRIFYING…

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Roblox Horror Games Are Getting TERRIFYING…
Today my friends and I play a Horror Fnaf Minigame and it was VERY SCARY and DIFFICULT!
Enjoy the video!!!



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  1. So you think her games and Robinson is trying to get terrifying that’s not true

  2. your videos are so short, you should make them longer

  3. Is he playing with the Nico's nextbots developers?

  4. I hope my horror game will be a new start of horror games on roblox

  5. I honestly prefer this kind of content… A lot better than your nn content

  6. Honey wake up, votex has uploaded a new horror game video!!!

  7. JESUS I thought you were exaggerating but that first jumpscare actually got me lmao

  8. that’s actually pretty cool how the walls look very detailed in the game! and what is that jumpscare 😂

  9. Once again, i love that you are making videos on other horror games, its really awesome!

  10. Holy sh*t i remember when fnaf coop was just…. low graphics? It REALLY REALLY REALLY evolved

  11. True, because Roblox are getting realistic and now some games are realistic.

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