Roblox Horror Games You Should Not Play Alone! #shorts -

Roblox Horror Games You Should Not Play Alone! #shorts

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We are getting closer to Halloween! What’s your favorite scary Roblox game? 💀

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  1. Bro I played good with my friend carter and it’s not that scary😂

  2. Me with absolutely no friends and my 1 friend in my friend list being already dead :
    "Haha, alright then. its time to traumatize my brain with these games"

  3. I did it and I didn’t Di (surgery) doctor: damn.. BUT HIS DEATH COST HIM 10 GRAND SO PAY UP

  4. played all of these alone, nah they cool tho

  5. Bro I played all these games in my basement, no lights on at midnight till 1 AM, it gave me nightmares

  6. Me after seeing the last game
    I ever never going to close my garage at night

  7. I played all of those games at 1:25 in midnight they gave me sleep paralysis

  8. At least you didn’t include Doors aka The Best Horror Game On The Internet

  9. if you want, I play all these at dawn, want to see?

  10. I wanna make a roblox horror film for my gaming channel but I’m a wimp and I get scared easily-These games will probably give me nightmares😂

  11. Her: oh sh-t I forgot “The Mirror”
    Me: where’s “The Mirror

  12. My fav horror game is the exist on roblox

  13. The last one: when you dont check the garage when its closing

  14. My mind = its just a game just do it

  15. “Hello stick legs”
    That had me dying 😂

  16. Bread is horror there’s a piece of bread trying to kill you

  17. Ima play these games alone in the dark just because you said not to

  18. It's either doors sheak in the backrooms or void

  19. I’ll play them cause I’m a big boy and don’t get scarred easi—💀

  20. I played those and i was alone in my home and i was playing and my light turned off and i said oh shi-

  21. Speedrunner: gets a certain jumpscare
    Speedrunner: That's the signal we need to do the glitch!

  22. When that thing climbed into the garage my hart sank 😅

  23. Right after this video I got another video that said: “joining the scariest game in Roblox”

  24. Hi Mr stick leg…
    Pov: is look like a spider leg
    Me: I play that horror game when I was 18…

  25. O H H E L L T O T H E F R I C K I N G N A H

  26. There is also “alone in a dark house”

  27. Man your just taking a risk to show us the5

  28. my brain saying hello to all of the monster

  29. Bruh i was about to sleep in 1 hour and 30 minutes but BRUH I'm fina get goosebumps

  30. OMG this video so Many monsters and super Scary fun game what game is that!?

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