Roblox Isle: The Florida Hunger Game Experience -

Roblox Isle: The Florida Hunger Game Experience

Tank Fish
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Roblox Isle is a hardcore survival game where players are stranded on an island and must scavenge for weapons, materials and tool to survive and escape.

The game starts with you on a prison ship that is heavily guarded by armed men. But suddenly, the ship got attacked by a monster, making it crash on an inhabited island.

On the island, there are many weapons, items, locations, enemies and secrets scattered across the map. Players must explore the island in order to find tools and weapons to survive and defend themselves against monsters, mercenaries who are trying to hunt them and hostile players.

Combat should be avoided when possible since monsters like Stan and the mercenaries can quickly kill you if not prepared. There are also hostile players who will try to kill you for fun. In one of our games, a group attacked us in the facility and left no survivor.

The ultimate goal is to escape the island by completing specific tasks and collecting necessary items. There are currently 8 possible escapes/endings: Plane, Boat, Facility, The Truth, The Orbit, The Feathered, The Hangar and The Balloon. It is recommended to play with friends to speed up the pickup process and increase the chance of survival.

The escapes have varying difficulties and provide different endings that reveals some lore and secrets about the game. Some escape also limits the number of people they can carry. For example, one of the easiest, the plane escape, only requires the player to find a plane steering wheel, a plane wheel and a propeller, but it can carry 2 players. While one of the hardest, the truth ending, can make everyone escape but will require players to gather 4 artifacts, find a secret location deep underground and fight enemies in an alternate dimension.

There are many cool lore and secrets in this game that you can uncover to solve the mysteries of the island. In this video, we will try to survive and try as many escapes as possible. We were noobs at the game and died a lot, but managed to reach the truth ending in the end, which reveals a lot about the story and lore.

Anyways, we had a lot of fun playing Isle. We kept dying and doing dumb stuff instead of cooperating. I hope you enjoyed seeing us being idiots in a video filled with dead memes and not-so-funny jokes. Like always, subscribe, like and comment E if you enjoyed the video. Since the game was very hard and time-consuming without scripts, we did not manage to complete all of the possible endings. The current version is Isle 9, and more updates might come out in the future.

This video contains a crap load of dead memes and bad jokes. Viewer discretion advised.

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Roblox Isle: The Florida Hunger Game Experience – Tank Fish – Fish Tank

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Roblox- Isle:
Brought here against your will. No one has ever escaped alive. …Something’s lurking. There has to be some way out.

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  1. Im So happy that tank fish made a vid about this i havee 100plus hours and i kwon that isle has so much to offer

  2. I want everyone who reads this comment to sleep calmly knowing that in a decade or two the people who watched this when they were younger will be representing us as our elected officials

  3. this gave me goose bumps, iv been playing this game for years and its great to see a big youtuber do the truth ending… or atleast attempt it
    and the fact that you put the most work into this video then most of the other videos iv seen from you just amazes me, i love the animations too

  4. E, The fucking last part was a fucking anime intro

  5. i love isle to much i have almost every badge

  6. this was probably the funiest fucking video i've seen.

  7. The ending feels so sad and nostalgic that its questioning the scenery and the story but amazing animation!!!! and the song just hit so well with it so good job and keep making videos like these!!!!

  8. Ain't no way such a Goofy ahhdventure had such hearttouching ending 😭😭😭🚶🔥🗣️

  9. The blak man name is not chilli but stan btw

  10. The outro didnt have to be so fire bruhh frrl🤧🤧

  11. cant believe he reach this far… good ending and animation

  12. I love how he gives us the nuke code all the time

  13. The reason tank fish keep getting sponsored by world of tank is because
    TANK Fish

  14. Iff you see the dark guy whit one arm whit claws before the sun explode he just stare at the sun and dies that's Soo sad man R.I.P😭

  15. And what's the song meme and tank I just wanna say dis your the most best YouTuber tank fish


  17. พัฒนา ชุติเรืองวงศ์ says:

    What is your indeed music

  18. พัฒนา ชุติเรืองวงศ์ says:

    I want to know what if you're ending music name Eve please

  19. That Outro AMV didn't need to go that hard, I loved it.

  20. bro the ending is on god firee

  21. This video is sponsored, and you couldn't buy a better ticket to Florida?

  22. I played this game alot and got alot of achievements but never the true ending but this game was great and immersive and story was great

  23. This video had everything
    Funny moments
    Absolute anarchy
    Actual strategies
    Somehow balkans make a return and elite units

  24. That was fucking roller-coaster of emotions like you don't have to do the ending like that, 😭

  25. Like, subscribe and comment E, please I beg, I spent a lot of times and effort on this one owo

    A big thanks to:
    Ron, for the ending animation
    @Bliooz, for getting ron the assets for the animation

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