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Roblox MOST PAY TO WIN Games

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We return to Roblox
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  1. Laser stop spending so much money on children’s games

  2. Lazarbeam: U SCARED STORMEY slaps hand multiple time
    Me: Laughing so hard

  3. Imagine hackers try to get into his account to spend robux

  4. Lava Rises, and kids to meet it. (And yes I got that off TLJ)

  5. Lazar needs to come back, THeres a new VERY PTW game, its called pet simulator x, You can buy op pets, boots, tripple hatch, more pets, etc. LAZAR COME BACK TO ROBLOX ONE LAST TIME

  6. Don't know how I feel about watching a middle aged man spend 1K on a roblox title called 'Fart Simulator' 😂

  7. "We could get a dream hand but that feels like cheating"

    LazarBeam 2021

  8. If anyone didn't know wut the kids were screaming in slap battles they were yelling "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Thank you

  9. I wonder if he saw permanent islands in fart simulator

  10. Pls play yre bsare advances

  11. Lazar I use code lazar in everything I can

  12. Lol. What goes around comes around. I laugh now, but I'll also laugh when these kids are grown and make vids bagging out ole man Lazar.

  13. If he makes another one he would play pet sim x

  14. Lazarbeam out of context “I slap kids”

  15. Slap battles ain't pay to win I have 20k slaps and have obama hand it install kills

  16. i don't like it when it is 3 roblox games, i want more content

  17. Oh and also play magic hands it’s the most best slapping game

  18. Lazarbeam:i love all memes
    Lazarbeam in this video:i hate the doge coin
    Viewer's:but the doge coin is a meme
    Lazarbeam:shut up

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    May God bless you greatly! 👋

  20. One of the last surviving ram ranch cowboys says:

    Gday gday you bloody legends

  21. The periodic accordion evocatively analyse because siamese chemically scribble above a historical niece. scintillating, troubled cross

  22. Hi LAZAR could you try KAT (knife ability test) there are a buncha pay to win items

  23. when youtube comments on a lazar video its demonetized

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