Roblox Pressured Us to Delete Our Video. So We Dug Deeper. -

Roblox Pressured Us to Delete Our Video. So We Dug Deeper.

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Following our last video on Roblox, players and creators began getting in touch with their own stories to share. Here are some of those stories.

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00:00 – Intro
3:33 – Roblox’s Unregulated Managers
10:01 – Moderation & Child Safety
19:40 – Roblox’s Collectible Market
28:41 – Roblox’s Black Markets
32:17 – Some Kind Of Conclusion


  1. I am one of the people that has gotten my mind lost in the roblox limited market I started when I was 12 and to this day I've spent mabye 100aud on this stuff and it just sits in my inventory because I refuse to pay to trade

  2. I think the only popular game that’s run by one person is bee swarm sim but now it has two people also the game updates like 2 times a year

  3. Looked on the sonic guys channel and every comment is about talking to 12 year olds lmao

  4. Yes roblox got problems I’ve been working on games on the site for years now and despite me racking up over 7 million visits by the time I was 12 I have never gotten a dime from that dam company

  5. the only person roblox keeps from making new accounts is ruben sim

  6. Theres no hope for roblox anymore. Get rid of the damn thing at this point. It be so much easier.

  7. suprised roblox hasnt demonitized this yet

  8. Yeah and the fact with you buy an item it can be removed and you'll get no refund… happened to me.

  9. My comment was deleted for some reason so I'll repost it.
    I didn't fully agree with your original video (at the time at least, your points in that original video have made more sense as of late.), but 100% appreciate you not giving into bullying by a company.

  10. There is much more gambling going on then represented in this video. The amount of games that features a Sort of loot boxes are shocking. Mostly simulators. You can pay them robux for this loot box and there is a chance to get good stuff from it but there is a larger chance to get absolute garbage. So you would spend more and more robux so you can finally get something you want. The best example being pet simulator X

  11. I once got banned from a game on roblox called yba and my character got morphed and then I said “y I fat?” Idk how that’s offensive in any way but it was kinda funny

  12. I simply do not know what we can do to fix this problem.

  13. Looking at this now, I'm glad my parents never gave me money to spend on robux.

  14. Ngl I have spent a little over 400$ on roblox and the limiteds I have 9 as of right now but I am 17 and I am fully aware of what I’m doing . they need to keep the collectibles just not sell them to kids

  15. Roblox is a lost cause, if it's not the millions of kids with the collective brainpower of a brick, it's the sheer amount of terrible games and hackers.

  16. Roblox gave me a warning for saying: Yeah and Sure

  17. Honestly roblox has a habit of accusing people of stuff that literally doesn’t exist

  18. Priceless documentary, guys! Thank you! Very important! ❤️❤️❤️

  19. roblox is the nft metaverse alpha version
    change my mind

  20. As soon as I heard the name “doctor rofatnik” I KNEW what was about to happen

  21. An even worse scam on roblox any game that uses Kohl admin system it has been injected with code which makes people tp to a random game which injects your personal chat with extremely bad messages which gets you terminated with an ip ban through no fault of the people on the platform over 200,000 accounts have already been terminated because of it

  22. The recent Roblox internal document leaks show just how much money they make from exploiting devs

  23. my account got permanetly banned for joking about stuff with my friend in an almost empty game and when people say racial slurs
    (if you say "iwannar**etheni***s" (replace the * with the actual words) it wont get filtered)
    they get a maximum of 1 day ban

  24. Side note here.
    Roblox doesn’t do sh!t to help keep their players safe. They won’t ban anyone for giving you literal death threats, unless it takes abt a few months or a year for a report to even be looked at if it’s serious. There are new hackers and exploiters every week, there’s a recent one that can get your account get banned by making you say smth that induces child endangerment even though it wasn’t your fault for saying it.

  25. When I have kids
    I will teach them everything I know about money and trust
    So they will not make foolish decisions like so many others

  26. you might not be reading the comments anymore but my friend just got banned for having the word Russia in his username. Apparently the entirety of Russia is a tragedy. Also he has had this name for 3 years….

  27. I was literally suspended for defending myself when someone decided to be homophobic toward me lol

  28. stfu its roblox every company does that they take a cut DEAL WITH IT

  29. Just saying ive been playing roblox for 10 years and everything in your last video was very acerate

  30. I honestly wish that Roblox wasn't like this. Like they should have never made limiteds and just left the item's price be and not raise it or make it rare or something. Things would be slighty better! When I make a game that gets popular, I would buy the cheaper avatar items and few gamepasses cheap from my favorite games and Devex the Robux! I really want to make my parents proud and help pay for some stuff and buy actual things I want irl and maybe help pay for my school tuition fee.

  31. I know this is a much smaller issue but Doc is also infringing on the copyright of Christina Chandler's (aka. Chris-Chan) Sonichu character.

  32. I played Roblox back in the day around 2010-2013 I have returned since then to play the game but it was way better back then. Roblox used to be a pure company and good since growing they’ve become toxic and it’s sad to see that their going down a dark road allowing pedophilia, etc. This game needs to be shutdown.

  33. I don’t play Roblox, but Wow the reputation and level of corporation in a “kids game” is very serious.

  34. love the roblox add i just got before this video ☠

  35. You forgot to mention the cheating and hacking, also as a past user the pedophilia part is more frequent then you think. Especially in military groups/games.

  36. You should take a look at the robolox geopolitical scene because there is one and its insane

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