Roblox Rainbow Friends is Easy.. (FULL GAME) -

Roblox Rainbow Friends is Easy.. (FULL GAME)

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In this DanTDM Roblox video.. I play Roblox Rainbow Friends. Avoid the coloured monsters while completing the tasks.

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Roblox Rainbow Friends:



  1. Someone used a clip from this vid for an ad was this permitted Mr. Diamond Minecart?

  2. wow dan has come back to roblox memory lane right here

  3. Tbh Rainbow Friends is then Legends of Speed Brookhaven and Tower of Hell

  4. Yeah to be honest I only watch Dan when I'm watching horror games on Roblox

  5. Dan I play rainbow friends it’s soooooo fuuuuuuuun

  6. It’s so funny when he plays horror games cuz he doesn’t know what to do

  7. Blue is dumb and Green is blind Orange runs in a line Purple is in a vent thats all I know

  8. It’s funny watching Dan and just having a go at different players, it’s so nice to see a famous British YouTuber

  9. “My mum! My mum is playing and she is taunting them! I knew she was a gamer!” Had me dead, keep up the good work!

  10. Ok why are all the comments absolute simps for Dan rn?

  11. ¿[ß°Lunatics°ß]¿ • 76 Years Ago says:

    Here’s tips:

    Blue is extremely slow always but on a box when he doesn’t see you you can easily outrun him.

    Green is blind but can catch you in boxes you can move around him and go under his arms DONT touch him

    Orange has a trail when he runs you have to feed him if he runs without a trail go to his hide out and give food call him back with the bells put on a box as quickly as you can when you near his trail

    Purple just walk on the footsteps.

  12. Dan “OUT I WANT OUT” had me laughing for ages

  13. If you box up in oranges line u won’t die 🙂

  14. There also more blood thirsty on the big hit where u I need flashlights

  15. he hasn't played Roblox in ages until now

  16. Tip: Just use your box when orange is active even in the line

  17. I love playing this game but it’s more funny when Dan does it😂

  18. The entire end duration of this video : JINGU!!!!

  19. Dantdm is just amazing 👏. He has been my childhood. Thank you for posting amazing videos dan.

  20. All bacons in rainbow friends are so stupid.

    They never learn

  21. Dan: JOSH JUST SET ME UP!!!
    Me: I mean to be honest you tried to kill them too

  22. Can you please play South west florida on roblox 👉👈

  23. “Wait he’s that dumb?!?” made me die laughing 😂

  24. Oh god Idk why but when my fav YouTubers I get nervous when they die or something lol

  25. You need to play forgotten memories-forgotten memories is a really good roblox FNAF game there’s all the animatronics even the puppet you need to turn on the generators when they go out and when the oxygen goes out you need to restart it in arcade and gens in parts and service it’s a new game- type this to find the actual one Forgotten Memories 🎩 with the

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