Roblox Residence Massacre Is INCREDIBLY SCARY... -

Roblox Residence Massacre Is INCREDIBLY SCARY…

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Roblox Residence Massacre genuinely scared us… Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed 🙂
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00:00 – 00:26 Intro
00:26 – 08:56 Attempt 1
08:56 – 12:33 Attempt 2
12:33 – 15:52 Attempt 3
15:52 – 18:00 Attempt 4
18:00 – 19:48 Attempt 5
19:48 – 22:56 Blood Moon
22:56 – 24:38 Breaking The Game



  1. I didnt enjoy the actual gameplay, however while playing it i was shitting myself.

  2. "I'm a knower" if you made it to the end 🙂

  3. Matías el compa de mou y de jean Carlos fallen says:

    I love your screamimg jajajajaja

  4. Was a thing by the energy energy that I used to give you a briefing right rock strip

  5. It’s honestly soo annoying that they just avoid the light switches

  6. This makes me wonder why they didn't just add an entity that would prevent you from camping outside on the ladder.

  7. Tips: the wrench isn't for the cameras the ladders are for it, the wrench is for the electricity, becareful not to waste energy on lights, you can still loot while the radio is off and set the cameras

  8. I love you nookie win!1!1! for your freedom

  9. I play this game with my friend max when minster come in side i hided but my friend max is outside next all people know what happens

  10. can you search for how to win residence massacre?

  11. The bro thinks he's a predator got me laughing so much

  12. Fun fact, this game got a pathfind update, meaning it knows where you are now, even in closets 💀

  13. The LIGHTS scare it from entering windows, not flashlights

  14. The trick for free wins has been patched

  15. all tips you can do while you aren't started the radio yet grab a ladder set the cameras fill the generator and the most important is resources. i recommend turn off the lights before the nights begin….

  16. Who else used this video to cheese the game

  17. The greener part got me like 💀 and the nighthunter scream at the end of the night

  18. well the last part ask for it

    Im a knower

  19. fun fact: Greener is a slang and means newcomer or recent immigrant, though it has a very long history of being used as a slur to offend people. do with information what you wish. :] (I think it's best if you pin this comment so that people are informed of the definition lol)

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