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Today I play a new roblox game called Pls Steal which is a spinoff version of the roblox game pls donate


  1. flamingo when he realizes they voted for him cuz he’s mrflimflam

  2. 7:40 this guy rlly tryed and scammed me he said “oh come see flamingo donated to me and we are friends 🤥wanna play a game i if u win u pay me 1k and ill give u 10k 🤥 im the real noobis im not lying😒 like dam then i looked at his profile wrong dude not same i came back he left😭😂bro tryin -dont trust anyone alr-AND I will find you i will find your hone

  3. this has 69K Like when i watched this
    People who will laugh at this comment


  4. GIVE ME ROBUX 😡😙😙🤨😙🤨🤧🤧😜🤓😚🤮🤮🤨🤮🤨🤮🤨🤮🤨

  5. There’s already gambling in pls donate though…

  6. You’ve encouraged me, an underaged minor, to gamble 😡😡😡

  7. I’ve won over 30,000 robux and nobody has donated. The kids were like “OhhHh I’m TOTALLY gonNa wIn, I bET 10k” and without fail, I’ve won. They started calling me a hacker. Kids are just so desperate these days-

  8. It's not stealing if you will you need to pay

  9. Guess what flamingo if I ever join you in a Roblox game I will just say players that you're not the actual flamingo if you just tell me to I will do it I promise

  10. Cant wait to steal kids in game money their mom bought them🤠

  11. Flamingo can you play my game it's called Meme race by The uncalled. Ink play it please

  12. sonic lost 1.5M robux man- you better pay him back that

  13. The thumbnail looks like one of those horrible mobile game ads but still good

  14. flamingo question are u in a hotel in california?

  15. Albert is literally the funniest person on earth

  16. sonic guy gave you 64k roebuck to you Albert

  17. LOL why does Albert remind me of Jay Pritchett or Phil Dunphey

  18. The game is good but I hate how most people don't pay

  19. Day 1 of saying “muy dificil/10” on every flamico vid eve

  20. I wonder why kids keep following and annoying Albert
    Do they know they're gonna suffer? Do they even watch his videos?

  21. There's a bunch of scammers in that game

  22. track, but the problem is I don't know how to do tNice tutorials, it only goes to the setuper as the whole track…can you help with tNice tutorials?

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