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Today I play a new roblox game called Pls Steal which is a spinoff version of the roblox game pls donate


  1. Don't forget Albert. 90% of gamblers quit right before they hit it big!!

  2. i just realized since he was on his main account everyone voted for him and he got free money

  3. I wish I had the chance to be terrorized by flamingo

  4. Albert it has truly been a roundabout path you have your time but trust me someday YOU SHOULDN'T LET POWER COMSUME YOU,YOU LET THE POWER CONSUMING YOU TELL MAX THAT SO…. DON'Y GO ON SAYING "don't let power consume your morals max" YOUR DOING IT YOURSELF IDIOT.

  5. At the end of the video I got a casino ad that's in Los Vegas 😂💀

  6. Fillamingo got alot of money and then gave a man 100k robux witch is 1000 real dollars he lost

  7. This video was so funny, the Plinko part was hilarious 4:20 GAMING.

  8. I guess Vegas didn’t work out for him ‘cuz he’s still making videos to this day

  9. Flamingo u donate to fandoms but not fans, it’s kinda unfair

  10. Just gave that dude 10,000 dollars lol

  11. i played this game and it sucksss like nobody pays debt

  12. It’s kinda funny how Albert gains so much joy by torturing kids

  13. I have a win history of like 300k there cause some kids thought I would believe them if they said they would donate me 100k

  14. Honestly I think flamingo looks like a retired bts member or k pop or some shit like that

  15. My cousin’s little brother accepted my challenge to win a game ATLEAST ONCE out of 5 matches and I’ll buy him lots of robux or whatever currency he wants.
    He failed every single round but I still gave him a participation reward with still some Robux

  16. Bro I think you should go back on life of Paradise or where a bunch of noobs are. But have admin in the game and then make like a mini obstacle course if they don’t finish send them to hell and if they don’t finish that(like a obby that is in hell)everybody gets banned for like a few weeks or kick them out and then send them to another game them force them to play the game. This might be confusing but who cares -.- or build obby that they will never finish like Temp did to those kids-

  17. can someone teach me how I make my own asset id? ;-;

  18. I hate all who beat’s flamingo to a game to lose your going to hack place

  19. Hey dr slimjam plz dono me 10000 renox devontaepz uzer name

  20. Persons here leave when lose game and u dont need to pay

  21. Man torturing five real olds really pays off after thid

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