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  1. Can you please play pet simulator again and I'm going to play it with you and can you please give me some pictures because I subscribe to your life channel I'm your biggest fan you are so cool with that Bugatti

  2. Hi Kev! love your vids! your my inspiration on why I started my roblox youtube channel. But I don't know if its good cause english is not my native language. I hope you can check my latest vid and see if its good or not. Thanks kev! 🙂

  3. Kev I dont like your videos I'm gonna be a youtuber I will hit bell and subscribe and like I do enjoy your video

  4. I am scared of all the killers you mentioned kev

  5. I’m mostly scared of cartoon cat because he makes creepy noises

  6. Kevin is bad at uploading only 3 videos in 6 days

  7. Dude I remember watching your videos when I was a little kid all the time, the old gta videos. All the funny times on horror games. The scary roblox games with friends. I miss the older days man, seems I’ve grown now and I remembered this channel, I just wanted to see if the channel was still going. And it’s going awesome, I hope you hit that one mil and gosh I hope you hit 10 mil. I miss the old days😕

  8. Bro why like why everytimei see a game I was going to play it later but kev just play it before me ):

  9. Bryan you 3am 👻👻!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you handyman

  10. Im your biggest fan shout me out please

  11. Im mostly scared of pennywise cause he can be in my nightmares and im terrified of him

  12. At 2:37 I had a joke about the banana the game might scare the bananas pills off

  13. Hahahahahahahaha that's so funny he said phsche

  14. Chucky I'm a kid ugh that film I'm scared of hero brine and pennywise

  15. The one that you just passed by Kiesza is the giggly

  16. i love your videos Kev there all the best i love it!

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