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Today I play Roblox Fish Game by Sketch and Bandi…. its PRETTY GOOD!!!


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  1. 456 people fight for 40 billion won ( 40 million dollars ) and one people will survive

  2. Its not broken flebsy you need to wacth that netflix so thats why

  3. Flebsy what is that Black Rubber thing????? You keep use that to hit your table.

  4. That what I found yesterday the bloody hell outfit let's sent flebsy to FssF devil brigade

  5. I played this when she say " so mi da " you have to stop

  6. I have see the whole episode sketch made the game I watch the video of him making the game and the thing is I randomly knew how to play it safe and I got 6 win in one day and I and 4 wins in a row without dying

  7. i only have watched episode 1 until episode 8 lol

  8. bro. I did it first try. I will play again when a new update comes out. With the other games.

  9. I tried to play the squid game but ABSOLUTELY DUMB KIDS WOULDNT START THE GAME

  10. The next game is honey comb,……. oops I spoiled it 😉

  11. the reson why you are failing is because its your first time playing that "fish game" :>

  12. I played one better than the fish it’s called squish game way better

  13. I love how flebsy is using his arm rest as a toy

  14. i hate that game only 1 round where s'' the other round?

  15. I'm trying this on mobile but I have McDonalds WiFi :/

  16. I play the game be for hint stop when it ses. "Ce ce" in the song that how I win and don't jump it give you more of a higher chance of getting shot

  17. the thumbnail looks like flamingo thumbnail maker would make that thumbnail picture

  18. I think this game is still in beta like- u guys know why

    Also the girls voice scares me

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