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KREW plays Roblox Squid Game! Who will win the grand prize?
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  1. I love how they just dont change their faces

  2. “Squid game is All over.But….

    Krew is one of my favs!”

    -from Kf 🙂

  3. Hi I have COVID so I have to corentin away from my dad and my dogs:c

  4. Lunar gives daco wit he deserves in revenge

  5. Love it how they change there name so nobody be bugging them

  6. 70% of the people in Died and green light Red light

  7. Game just starts
    gun noises

  8. Love the graphics!! 😁😁😁

  9. I play that game there's something in the left corner in red light green light

  10. I love how rainbows Roblox name is the strawberry goat

  11. The first round the girl was making a tik tok I WANNA LIVE

  12. Krew : RUN GIRL
    Me : also playing the same game have a girl that is so close yet still not walking a inch to reach the line
    Also krew : GIRL RUN!!! RUN GURL
    then me sister on the game : RUN GURL! RUN GIRL!

  13. When draco crys his sound is so cute🔊☺️🥺

  14. omg when he jumped of the escalator cus he was “too broke” 😂😂

  15. Draco: falls dow
    dramaticly after getting slapped with money

    Me:WTH Draco ARE CRAZY

  16. Hey i want to play that whats the name of the game?

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