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Today I play a Roblox squid game that has all the game modes and challenges from the show, I actually started watching the netflix show and I’m hooked i already cried on the first episode. Let me know if you want any more squid game roblox videos I might have 1 more idea that I may do but I had fun with this trend thanks for watchin


  1. You are a good father for thowing that inccent baby

  2. Watching Flamingo Playing Squid Game Is Fun

  3. The second game is not in the show. Its a candy dalgon game/ dalgona challenge

  4. The vegan teacher be like I give flamingo a x For not liking animals

  5. Name your long neck baby felipo

  6. Only it’s remember when he first said I’m only fat because I eat to much I rap battles

  7. Albert: I HaTe ANIMaLS
    Me: then why do u own 2 dogs

  8. 0:27
    Albert: Throws Baby So Hard His Head Comes Off
    Baby: Still Crying After Getting Thrown Across The Room


  9. With doing the odd and eavani think I might be smarter

  10. Your flamingo should watch it and tell you about it.

  11. hey flamingo, you know what you reminded me of?

    me "meeting" you on roblox XD

  12. Flamingo is the type of person that kills someone and be like: i feel bad now and then goes away lol

  13. They did the wrong challenge for the second one

  14. I freaked out when he Showed the Baby

  15. flamingo logs into Roblox*His wifi are challenging me?

  16. actually hes dead tho bc you litterally broke his nevk

  17. albert said poor little guy to the guard when he fell ♥ thats so heartwarming 2:56

  18. 'I hate animals' That Vegan Teacher will come for you..

  19. Woah I met Alex and friended him in invasion in space ship

  20. 😂😂the last game he was LIKE NO NO NOoOOO😭

  21. was getting my Halloween makeup done and i thought of feed baby bird. i started laughing and almost ruined my whole face of makeup. Thank you Albert!

  22. Did you know your brain can generate enough electricity to light up a small light bulb.

  23. Ahem, my new favorite quote. “WHY DO I EVEN TRY I HAVE AN ARMY FULL OF IDIOTS THAT WILL DO IT FOR ME.” 🙂

  24. "Feed baby bird" >spits water into chicken's mouth from his mouth

    What made you feel the need to do this

  25. I have a question do you have a McDonald’s Internet?

  26. Not Flamingo having the exact same reaction as everyone else in the beginning of squid games Red Light Green Light lol

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