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  1. bro when i was at the question of the feelings it gives me an error that a device is near to me,it was error 1001 or sm like that

  2. i almost got a heart atack on the jump scare

  3. Plus why is there another Kevin on the bed?

  4. Even though this is a demon game😂

  5. The new update is removed herobrine it’s in the description

  6. The face he made when the door opened😝😝😝😝😝😝

  7. Bro when i was playing midway through game i got error code 1001

  8. My childhood youtuber😭 I miss this so much❤

  9. Isobel karani I’m seven I’m a girl this is my tablet and I am on my dad’s account because I’m to young to have a account I love you me and my brother watch you all day

  10. I was playing that game and I got Error 1001

  11. i am jack with youtube channel jms gameing studo

  12. yea the face he made when the door opend 😝😝

  13. I got so scared when a saw that face I jumped out of my seat

  14. I played the game and I started screaming because I looked out of the window in the game and I saw smth creepy

  15. I don't think the game is s any it's just the questions make u uncomfortable

  16. When I played I got disconnected saying there is tracking device detected at my house

  17. This is why don’t play horror games he got scared you know I NEVER EVER,EVER,EVER, PLAY HORROR GAMES You know why? Beacause I am scared and you should too. Beacause you might a night mare, so, remember what You learned from my comment and don’t read or watch scary things Just saying if you don’t belive me try it out yourself I can proof to you that I am telling the truth Thanks that’s all I want to say, just want to keep everyone safe and scared thanks😊😊❤❤

  18. I had dream like that and a I thought that in dead in dream I dead

  19. Guys i got error 1001 please dont play game PLEASEEEEEEE IS REAL IS REALLLLL THIS NOT REMOVED

  20. 3:57 this part is true when I was playing this game i was having heart attack

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