Roblox Talking Ben -

Roblox Talking Ben

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  1. I love that you say i love you all at the bottom of my hart it makes my day better!

  2. This guy should get at least 50M subs and 500000k likes on every vid 😆

  3. I want to be your friend 😞 but you won't be mine 😞😞

  4. I will be your bud Ben ok do not came to my house 🥺🥺🥺😨😨😨😰😰😰

  5. I hope u see this comment but if u type in tom or ben or angela in the game they will say something and in any map and any mode.

  6. i know what caused this roblox game….IShowSpeed's meme when he asks ben "do you love god?" and the friday night funkin' mod based of that meme.

  7. This is awesome going to you and Zack kind of scary this is so so squid scary gaming with Kev what your name is gaming with Kev play a game with love do you love your family are you feeling this

  8. I love your vids and I've been watching your videos for 2years now and I hope you see this comment beacuse you are the the best and I hope you grow your YouTube channel even more

  9. Meeeeeee I am your biggest fan!!!!🤠

  10. Kiv hopping on the speed train don’t worry I’ll say it for you 😂

  11. Okay okay I'll be your friend!!!!¡!!

  12. I Can be you'r friend kevin I really really want to be you'r friend soo bad I love you kevin so so soo much in my heart💚❤

  13. Kev thats not Annabelle thats poppy you should try poppy playtime someday

  14. No I don't want to be your friend you're going to kill me with that knife and I don't like getting here by a knife please don't kill me no no I don't want to be your kid friend I don't want to be your friend you can kill me with that knife or maybe a gun I don't know but leave me alone


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