Roblox vs Minecraft -

Roblox vs Minecraft

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  1. "Brookhaven needs a break,brookhaven needs a strong power,brookhaven needs a dad"

    And also, why still play blox fruits,its already overrated

  2. Roblox is than 🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕minecraft

  3. both players need to go outside, touch grass, and play games like gmod or portal from then on

  4. You just see peak of my power

    Show command block and command /

  5. rush him boysssssssss😂😂😂😂

  6. Brookhaven the only people that play that game is 3 2 and 4 year olds bruh

  7. Roblox

    David Baszucki and Erik Cassel
    Notch and Herobrine

    Blox fruits
    Bed wars

    Rip_indra and Gamerrobot

    Blade Ball
    Sky Wars

    Group wiggity
    Hunger games Player

    Foltyn, Enyu, Kittgaming, Koopekol, Senpirates
    Dream, Technoblade, Clownpierce, Fruitberries, Illumina

  8. Umm I play both and…. i stand with minecraft

  9. Would've benn better if there is
    Hellmet players
    Dvn players
    Blood and guts player
    Centaura players
    Criminality players
    Bad bussiness player
    Arsenal players
    And others

    In there

  10. you really chose the 4 most terrible games on roblox😂

  11. Creative mode:☺️you tickling me?

  12. minecraft is nostaligia but I play roblox but my first game favorite is minecraft😢

  13. Minecraft you have to pay to win because it costs money to play

  14. Takes out mace builds up then infinity uses wind blast enchant :/

  15. When people say that Roblox came first but it really depends on the game in Roblox

  16. I agree with roblox bc Minecraft is kinda boring😅

  17. All Minecraft needed to do was call Fortnite

  18. … mine craft can just use creative mode

  19. Fortnite still laughing in a corner😂😅

  20. Him:minecraft is more popular
    David Roblox and David Bazoochi: are u sure about that?

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