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Today I play Roblox game called where I call home with Temprist im in a restaurant Rn about to eat lol the guy here knew who I was so hi to you if you watch this


  1. My name is kaiden and Everytime flamingo says kaiden I always say what, and I know Kayden's name is spelt with a y, but mines spelt with a i🤣

  2. Car that just passed by: Ah shit here we go again

  3. New Title: 11 minutes of Albert and Temprest making fun of dream L U L

  4. Imagine if one of the passing cars at the start pulled over and called the police during the intro. That would be the best flam go video everrrrr

  5. I wonder how flamingo was not put in jail or anyone relizes in the intro

  6. Imagine the start, and you just see that happening on the road-

  7. Albert: Kills someone* 0:13

    Also Albert: literally two clips later just killing them even more

  8. Albert nevr drive a car- btw wanna know how curious existing? IT GOT THE JAPANESE MYTH FROM MIMIC AND IRL SEEN AND ALMOST KIDNAPPED A KID-

  9. the fact albert actually put ketchup on his tesla for an intro

  10. albert really doesnt care about his money he just does ketchup on his tesla.

  11. We need shinobi life btw i got renamed to shindo life

  12. also flamingo pls play someday danganronpa because u know some characters from it but u dont know (they were in the video where u were looking at mobile games scams in that app which had maki rantaro shuichi kaede and gonta [these characters are from danganronpa v3 btw])

  13. Man i want the old video's back. the ones where the starts weren't creepy and he'd just play random games he saw or games his friends recommended. Not all this weird creepy stuff.

  14. Flamingo you should do videos with scary people again

  15. I feel like Albert's goal is to make fun of dream as much as possible

  16. Is it just me or am I seeing a cute little face behind Albert 🤠

  17. #4 On Trending For Gaming
    Good Job Flamingo

  18. I love how he's out in public with ketchup or paint on his car, and just pulling over in the grass. 😂🤣

  19. I’m gonna pretend me and my friend didnt play this and call him mr.boobalay the whole time

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