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Today I play Roblox game called where I call home with Temprist im in a restaurant Rn about to eat lol the guy here knew who I was so hi to you if you watch this


  1. If only he knew how hard we save for his merch

  2. Number 4 on trending for gaming! Great job Albert love ya

  3. ზაქრო ბაქარი ნათელაშვილი says:

    Albert then: Mom i want robux 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  4. I wonder what the people driving down the road at the beginning think of him

  5. ზაქრო ბაქარი ნათელაშვილი says:

    Respect for throwning dead bodt

  6. Imagine how many ketchup bottles he uses per videos

  7. Adam saying what Mickie mouse says
    Albert: then Satan appears and kills all of mickeys enemy’s😈

  8. That’s always a nice thing to see on the side of the road while driving

  9. ★彡 𝘾𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙨 彡★ says:

    Congrats onn #3 trending (for gaming!)

  10. me during a the hole vid: ………….. AHHHHHHH starts shaking

  11. Hey flamingo I don't know if you're reading admin coment suggestions anymore but since have an, go into Life in Paradise or something like that, and just start deleting random chunks/bits of the island

    Please don't repost

  12. Imagine driving and see an adult guy stepping on mannequin legs

  13. Albert play Liberty counter buy guns in the game and shoot people to there own misery

  14. Yo I didn’t know flamingo had a Tesla. Pretty lit

  15. @WillywonkaYoutube says his screem sounds like yours

  16. Albert can u make another die mart video TORCHERING EVERYONE SPAWN PIGGY AND USEING ADMIN COMMANDS

  17. Sir I want u to find a fuerea and ride off a cliff running over kids 🙂

  18. Wonder what the people on the road were thinking.

  19. Bro. I feel so uncomfortable even though this dead mannequin isnt real loll 🤣

  20. I love it when Albert mentions Dreammm😌

  21. Flam play 3 nightmares (the game with a picture of a red kid smiling with crazy eyes ) I cannot link it since I'm on phone but I'm sure you can, it's kinda strange and a bit spooky I loved it

  22. Flamingo is smiley that real trashy movie

  23. People driving by HAD to be lookin at him and thinkin "What the hell is that man doin-"

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