Roblox’s greediest developers… -

Roblox’s greediest developers…

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Description: feed into MY greed 12/31 3pm est:
Today I talk about Roblox’s top games and how they got lost in the sauce and sold their souls


  1. Flamingo really hates being in the avrege side of people


  3. Fun fact. Brookhaven is the Mississippi of roblox

  4. I got one of the Christmas eggs cause I was bored and I got the 0.5 first try

  5. u should have joined royale high to see how much diamonds cost, they cost so much for no reason

  6. like like how all the games that he says are "greedy" most of the games are pet games..

  7. Adopt me is about kids not pets but obviously people decide to put their heart and souls into the thing that was supposed to be secondary.

  8. preston is definitely too greedy.. but we should also mention roblox in this, they literally pay you like 350 usd (which is nothing) for 100k robux

  9. and i thought admin commands gamepasses were ripoffs

  10. Flamingo pls im begging you pls play kaiju universe.

  11. S̷̯̓Ȗ̴̻F̶̛̪F̴͕̌E̴̹̾Ŕ̶̙ says:

    Preston would be a great EA employee

  12. This is why ropets is the best pet game, robux is actually not necessary to play the game, you can get any pet or item in the game without robux, you would only need to spend robux if you wanted to buy more currency or get a specific pet

  13. Pet sim is crazy and yes this year adopt me had a lot of scandals based on robux but actually the free thing is in the advent calender u would know that if you were a player

  14. Its just a matter of time untill this game gets deleted

  15. 65% 30% 5% and 0.5% adds up to 100.5% which is wierd

  16. Roblox is gonna be too different in around 20 years

  17. I remember seeing a post on Reddit about the ??? Percentage

  18. “I think making kids gamble is funny” Albert- 2021

  19. Ok preston want robux maybe for upragde game or I’m dumb

  20. I'm surprised he didn't do royal high too


    Albert legit went from making games on alts. To making a game you can barely play without spending money.

  22. Lmao yesterday I got literally bullied at pet sim X by my friend's brother LOL Yes, he gambles a lot as his friends does.

  23. Begging is how to win in pet sim x

  24. why do people in adopt me are obsessed with collecting pets even if they do nothing

  25. roses are red
    violets are blue
    PSX is milking money
    behind your amuse

  26. I enjoy pet sim x but i made a rule for my self don't use robux on it i am so far in it any way so i don't want to quit

  27. 7:00 "its only gonna get worse" dramatic music gloomy filter

  28. I mean Bloxburg does have some expensive items and passes but some things are worth it, like the premium game pass it costs 400 robux but you get to choose whatever plot it open, plus double the money when you log in! And 500k dollars in Bloxburg costs 6k robux I think it’s kind of worth it because you get a lot of money. Not hate to Froggy and Coeptus

  29. I Think preston created a game for money because he's not giving back the pets that gone BECAUSE OF THE BANK BUG!!

  30. You pay more money in the game then having an actual pet

  31. I thought it said robloxs greatest developers

  32. I Like How Everyone Is Commenting “Can We All Appreciate How” When Literally Everyone Already Does ( Cough Cough That Trend.)

  33. יוטיוב ביטלו לי את המנוי אצלך אתה מוכן לקבל את התנצלות שלי??

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