RUINING Garou Ultimates With Omni Directional Punch Roblox Strongest Battlegrounds -

RUINING Garou Ultimates With Omni Directional Punch Roblox Strongest Battlegrounds

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Using Omni Directional Punch On Garou Awakening Users In The Strongest Battlegrounds

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  1. Ktgoat you need to waste their evasive to omni them

  2. Not the Mobile Legends “First Blood” 🤣🤣

  3. 6:38 she didn't left, she respawned because she died on the sonic skill.

  4. KTG when he says intro KTG 😤 SQUADDDDD

  5. hey ktg you have to make a grand return in aut your the best sqaud please make a aut update 3.0 video💠💠💠

  6. I respect ktg, he bullies toxics AND furries. (no hate to the furry community, im talking about THOSE kind of furries.)

  7. Always a w vid as always keep it up!

  8. Every time this comment gets a like I will blink one time. I’m not a bot.

  9. W video but can you please upload a video on project slayersfrom lvl one to max lvl

  10. Yo Ktg i am a og i have been watching ur vids for 3or 4 years now i see ur running out of video ideas i got a couple. Aut has had a new update, 3.0, it would be nice to see u get the new specs, gojo and yuta, those are some nice vid ideas Ty for the amazing content these constant vids of blox fruit and strongest are starting to get boring start playing other games from level 0 and stuff. Keep up the good work man play some jojo games it would make for some awesome cotent i think it would get a lot of views. Goodluck on ur journey to 1m and im supporting u all the way:😊😊

  11. Bro ran out of breathings so we use an Emoji instead 0:29

  12. Yo remember the time u went from 1 to max lvl with dough pls could I get it

  13. i sub and like pls gift me pravite server (nathanjhon2014)

  14. İm supribe private servér pls name sansalye_0

  15. Ktg the goat my bday is tomorrow pls gift me early access pls

  16. I like the king crimson time skip effect after the intro

  17. 6:35 bro realy said what she left after she got kiled by sonic

  18. Yo ktg i have 8K killed want some. Help username Ali4a_2

  19. Your videos make me make vids and copy your videos

  20. hey ktg can you give me your war fans in project slayer my user is itsnotprestenplaz


  22. Imagine if he said the KTG squad when everybody was sleeping in his neighborhood😂

  23. destroy them in a 1v1 not in the main lobby

  24. Let's just take a moment to appreciate how many hours he put into this video? It's amazing, and I think they deserve way more than that!✨!✨!✨!✨

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