Scariest Roblox Game Ever -

Scariest Roblox Game Ever

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This is the greatest doors experience of All Time
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  1. "Is he a friend or a foe, only one way to try"

  2. Whats the game. wanna try it out with friends

  3. Charlie please, the community isnt that young

  4. The big title goes to Apeirophobia definitely, Doors is entertaining but repetitive and not that hard or scary, definitely top 5 though.

  5. maybe my potato Internet can't load all the textures
    no worries, nothin can scare me💀

  6. Cram: Brawl Stars Club——} Brawl Kings says:

    What game is this?

  7. bruh i had no idea this game blew up enough for charlie to play it

  8. its a shame that charlie wrote of piggy as just some shitty kids game where you run away from killer and try to survive because as someone who played granny when it came out piggy is pretty fun

  9. Bro this man has Zoro’s sense of direction💀

  10. You should still check out apeirophobia, even more frightening than doors.

  11. This is the best roleplay I've seen charlie done for someone.

  12. we need to get charlie to play identity fraud, these other scary games are ass

  13. Roblox doors isnt that scary its just difficult

  14. Okay but have u played The Mirror ?

  15. i want to believe that cayde is actually just another guy like charlie on the other end whos fucking around

  16. Piggy is literally just Granny but in Roblox

  17. when the scariest roblox game isn't actually scary

  18. Someone should make a jim wool horror game

  19. It’s awesome to see Charlie offering cigars to a child.

  20. 🙁 everyone is forget the mimic its the scariest game in roblox not doors if u don't trust me, play it

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