SECRETS in "PLS DONATE" You Did Not Know (Pls Donate) -

SECRETS in “PLS DONATE” You Did Not Know (Pls Donate)

Reckless – Roblox
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in this video i show you SECRETS in “PLS DONATE” You Did Not Know (Pls Donate) where pls donate easter eggs are hidden in the map for everyone to see but not everyone has seen it before in pls donate so i made this pls donate video to show the secrets in pls donate


  1. Reckless, can I add you on roblox? (Please reply to this comment if the answer is yes

  2. Can you add me in your vip server my name is starmind

  3. pls can ypu donta my name in roblox is deceptivessk

  4. I found all of these and this came up in my recommended 🤣

  5. Why is no one talking abt when he give him 50 robux he’s robux went to 186 robux on him what

  6. roses r red violets r blue we got scammed while he got views

  7. Sergio Espinoza Partida Espinoza1969 says:

    Hi how are you? I'm fine

  8. I love it I know 0 secrets and now I know all of those😊

  9. Pls do an offline donations user is lpzmamaok pls guys i realy need rbx ty

  10. the clickbait is getting more views stop watching it…

  11. Fahadmoon gaming اشتركو انا و امي راح ندعي لكم says:

    I know the first one and 2nd one and i know the 3rd one already

  12. this man need a beating for scamming kids for click bait

  13. I am sorry but I don’t have any roebucks

  14. if you can speak Indonesian I will give you 1 billion robux

  15. turn's into a guest "can i have five robux " smiles evily

  16. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    We just got clickbaited,
    And he got more views

  17. ⭐️CLAIM 50k ROBUX - CHECK MY CHANNEL⭐️ says:

    Can just appreciate how much work he puts in these videos to make our day huge respect, 🌈 🌈

  18. Hey I want to join you I have. No robux what should I do please reply

  19. Your real life house

  20. Congrats on 197k subs! Keep up the good work. But please stop clickbait

  21. Did anyone look at the leaderboard? Lol, poor? I only have 6!

  22. can you give me any robux plss🥺🥺
    Username: Zeplaz4
    plsss give me

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